1. ok, my dilemma. A scary nurse gets an order for discharge from a forgetful physician. When I questioned a medication that the patient was being sent home on that the patient hadn't been on before,and needed a quantity from the MD, I sent my nurse-ling to ask. The response that came back from my nurseling was "x number sounds good" and wrote the order as such. By the comment that was made, it makes one wonder where the number came from and if the MD really ordered that quanitity. I think that this goes into prescriptive practices and is not in the scope of the practice act. But since everything that is heard is second hand and you can't prove what was said to the physican it is all hearsay on my part. But would you report it still even so?
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  3. by   MollyJ
    You don't say whether you are charge and she was staff or what.

    Some of this stuff you just put under your hat and stay watchful on. If it's a fluke, it won't repeat. If it's a pattern, you'll see it.
  4. by   BadBird
    Why didn't you simply call the physician yourself? Whenever you are in doubt always call the Dr. especially if your signature is on a order.