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This is something that I don't see discussed in much detail here, and I am thinking to myself that maybe I am just a b***h, but do you ever get really irritated by your patients and/or their... Read More

  1. by   Daqueengene
    I agree with many of you in that demanding patients and families can be a definate strain on the daily work load and time management for pt care. I am somehwhat troubled though by many of the negative remarks regarding pts and their families. (burn out!:angryfire ) I think that this reinforces that nurses are over worked underpaid and expected to be everything to all people, professional expert clinician, johnny or joannie on the spot at all times, caretaker, care giver, fluffer, puffer, beautician, therapist, babysitter, secret code breaker ( physician hand writting decoder), communications expert, expert orafice cleaner, toenail clipper, linnen changer, coffee giver and generally professional door mat for Dr.s, Patients, families, administrations and each other.
    As long as we continue to work this way we will be worked this way. We have become part of the problem and not part of the solution.:uhoh21: Families need care too when they have a loved in the hospital. We cannot look at them as the enemy. We have to find a way to work with them and to help them help themselves. We cannot be smart mouthed and terse with them. There will always be families that we cannot get through to. There will always be problem patients but these are some of the challenges of nursing. I know each and everyone of you out there give 100% of yourselves.

    I know much of this thread is blowing off steam :hatparty: which is something we all need to do to stay sane and to keep getting up and going into work when we know that we are going to walk out feeling used abused and unable to give the kind of care we really want to give. But remember that you DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of the people you care for and their families. When you can take the time to do something for someone dont look at it as demeaning or not part of your job but look at it as a kindness that you have the power to give and maybe someday that person will see it as that and then understand just how great you were. Keep up the good work, speak out for nurses rights make a difference in the lives of other nurses and their patients.