Why would I get asked more intense questions?

  1. So I had an interview today, that two of my classmates also had, for a state hospital.

    I was under the impression that everyone got asked the same questions.

    As both of them had been interviewed by the identical same person, and got all of the same questions

    So I interviewed on the same floor same person, and got asked the same cupcake questions they did (ie what do you know about lasix, lantus, lisipro)

    But before that asked me a bunch of scenarios

    Like what do you do if you have a patient with a PICC line and its bleeding? what do you check for, what meds do you look at, what tests do you want to see the results of etc etc

    I did a pretty good job at the questions, covering pretty much everything she was looking for, but ima little confused why I would get significantly more thought provoking intense questions than both of my classmates

    (oh ill mention that were all graduate nurses still in school, none of with any experience whatsoever with a month left)
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    And the man who was suffering looked up to the heavens and said, "God, why me?"

    And God looked down and said, "Why not you?"

    Nobody knows the answer to that question.