What to ask prospective employer?

  1. Anyone have a good list of questions I should ask the nurse manager on my first interview(tomorrow!). I definitely plan to ask about average nurse patient ratios and call offs, but not sure what else to ask? (It's on Post Partum if that helps).
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  3. by   MochaRN424
    Google this question...you will find some good suggestions online (free). Also I have a Job Interviews for Dummies book...its not specific for nursing but overall good points for an interview (had the book before I became an RN). From experience make sure you are interviewing and being hired for the right shift..some managers will try to change this after the fact. Good luck on your endeavors!
  4. by   giovarn
    How about...
    How often would you give me feedback within the first 3 months in regards to my patient care?
    Do you as a manager offer feedback to improve quality of care? What can I do to improve team work within the unit as a new hire nurse?
    Is there anything that I can answer for you that may improve my chances of getting hired?

    ...I hope it helps...Good Luck!