What should I expect from this interview at Maimonides Medical Center?

  1. I am a new grad and visited their human resources dept. several weeks ago. I meet with the nurse recruiter and then she had her secretary call me a few days later for an interview. My interview was about 3.5 weeks from when I met the nurse recruiter. The interview was last week. They gave me a load of paperwork to fill out, interviewed me (screening process) and spoke to me about the benefits (salary, medical, etc). Then they told me that they weren't any open positions for new grads yet, that it could be a while before they called me.

    I was a bit nervous during the interview, I don't know if that affected my chances of getting the job. I have been looking for about 4 months now and this is the closest I have been to interviewing.

    The thing is that I just found out that they keep interviewing new grads and some from my graduating class have upcoming interviews. I have been waiting quite long for an opportunity to interview. I really want to work in a hospital, any suggestions would be highly appreciated. My question is, is this how these interviews go?

    Maimonides medical center is in Brooklyn, New York.
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  3. by   KJM-RN
    I have no clue about the answer to your question, but what is the purpose of interviewing a person if there are no open positions?

    BTW, I have a friend that works at that hospital.
  4. by   skyheaven477
    You made me smile, thank you. I completely agree. Why start talking about benefits, salary etc.. if after the interview I am told that there aren't any open positions. Quite peculiar.
  5. by   DoGoodThenGo
    *The dealer passes*

    What is the point of this excercise? Why call in persons (new grads or whatever) have them fill out paperwork, interview including discussing bennies then turn around and say "we have no open positions atm"? Are they even giving you any sort of time table or just "awhile".

    Know times are hard for new grads out there but people do have other things to do, not mention often spare financial resources to prepare for and attend interviews that IMHO resemble collection of information for database purposes. Why not simply send someone to some of the numerous job fairs where pretty much the same thing happens. At least those interviewing could see other employers and kill some more birds with that one stone.

    The only thing one can think of is some time in the future the place is going to start hiring and is looking to see what is out there. When that will be or what the triggers for starting the process is obviously not being disclosed. Problem with doing things this way is that if a very long period elapses between these *interviews* and when they start calling people in a good number may have moved on, this often makes a decent percentage of acclumated information of nil value.
  6. by   skyheaven477
    I agree, kind of silly. But I heard people from my graduating class have been getting the same treatment when going on these interviews. It is a bit frustrating but I am wishing for the best and staying positive.
  7. by   waitingRN
    Hi skyheaven 477, how did it go eventually? Did you get any phone call for further interview or actually an offer? I remember when I was in a job fair in 2009, a Maimonides' representative standing in front of the table while collecting new grads resume said we have no position available at this time, but just give us your resume, we will call you when there is position available.

    I applied one of positions online about a week ago, this morning I got a phone call, i was asked what positions I am looking for, and my experience. at the end she told me they have no position available at this time, but will call me when they do.

    I feel so frustrated that I just applied for a position that they posed online a week ago, and now they called me and asked me questions, and told me the same thing that I heard 4 years ago. very disappointed, she could have just told me I am not the one they are looking for. unbelievable, I feel very reluctant to apply for this place again in the future.