Thank You Letters

  1. Hello everyone! so i recently had an interview with an ICU floor however i have one small problem....i'm bad with names and that mixed with nerves equal me definitely not remembering names! i only remember half of the names of the people who interviewed me but i absolutely cannot remember the others' names what should i do when writing my thank you notes? should i just mail it to those who i know for sure? please, any advice would help! i'm kinda panicking right now as i don't know what to do and i know that thank you notes are important when trying to give off a good impression. thank you in advance!
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    A note of thumb....grab business cards at any interview to take home with you. It helps.

    Write your thank you note to just the manager of the department and use verbage like "It was great getting to meet with all of you". You don't have to name every person.