Suit, or "business professional" attire?

  1. I'm sure this is a common question that has been asked a lot. I've read up on this topic on other online forums, but they were not nursing-forums. Of course, wearing a suit is the obvious choice when interviewing for positions such as banking, accounting, law etc. Everything I've read in terms of nursing-interview attire seems to have split opinions. Half say that wearing a suit is ideal, and shows respect for your interviewer as well as the hospital/company. It also shows respect for yourself and conveys a high level of professionalism. While I undoubtedly agree with all of this information, I also agree with the contrary opinions/ advice. Some posts said that if you are an entry level or new grad nurse (which I am), you can easily get away with wearing professional business attire e.g. a Navy Blue Blazer with a dress shirt & tie and Khaki/ tan dress pants. Some say that a suit may be seen as, "too much" or excessive, and the latter option of business professional attire is better. As this is a nursing forum, full of experienced opinions, can you guys please guide me in the right direction as to what the best options are? I received an interview offer for an ER Fellowship program, and I have accepted the interview, I just have not been given the available interview dates from HR, yet.
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    I personally feel you can never go wrong in a clean, well fitting suit (men and women). We are professionals after all. I have been a nurse since 2000 and have worn a classic black suit at every interview. Good luck on your interview!
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    Suit up, classic, well fit, not over the top.. ER fellowship in a competetive job market, set yourself apart from the competition. You can live in scrubs after that. Good luck.
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    124 views & 0 comments. Thanks for the help!!!
    Pro tip: don't go into the interview with an attitude like that, regardless of what you wear!