Stuck with this interview Question!!!

  1. I have an interview on Tuesday, and this is my very first job interview as a nurse!! The interview question my friend (who is a nurse) asked me two questions but I got really stucked with these two interview questions!! I think the purpose of the questions were to see the candidate's ability to priortise tasks and to see ways to apply nursing skills and knowlegde! PLEASE.. anyone have a good answer/ idea for these questions? Any help will be greatly appreciated

    1)A man on his early 50s in your ward following an admission for chest pain complains to you of chest pain on the left of his chest; he also complains of SOB. He has just come back from a trip overseas. What would you do?

    2)You walk into the 4 bedded room to find one of your patient on the floor nest to her bed another one whose luer has come out and there is blood all over her hand and the bed and a colleague tells you there is someone at the front dest to see you. What do you do?

    Please I need help with these question!!
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  3. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    I am worried that you are not fully prepared, but right off the bat, I would think #1 is displaying SS of a PE, so I would assess for that and treat appropriately, and for #2 (not sure what came out of the arm, should that be "line?"), I would first call for help, then prioritize the bleeder. I could be wrong on both counts, but that is my first impression based on the information.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    1. Set of vitals, 2L NC, call MD. If the facility has chest pain protocol I would initiate that.

    2. Hand bleeder a towel or anything really and instruct the patient to put pressure on the site (assuming the patient is A&O) as you keep moving to the patient on the floor to assess them. The person at the desk is lowest priority. Call for assistance. All of this would happen almost instantaneously really. Assess patient on the floor, call code or RR if warranted.