Some advice needed about phone interviews

  1. Hi me again! Well I didn't get the school RN job. The supervisor sent me a nice email and stated that she offered the job to another candidate but really wanted to hire me but couldn't Bc she needed to fill the position quick and I didn't have my certificate yet. She did state that once I get it to contact her and she would see what she could do. A little bummed but I then got a call for my dream job (RN rehab quality coordinator, which I have not done but have risk management exp as a biologist). Well it was a phone interview and I think I might have shot myself in the foot! She asked my qualifications which I was minimally qualified, some of my previous experience can transfer over. She told me a little about the position and asked a couple typical interview questions and such. One question she asked me was where do I see myself in five years in my career and I believe my answer was along the lines if the job. Then she asked me what would my last 3 managers say about me.To get to the point, I told her my last manager loved me, that I always came in when called (I was flex), was efficient and did well with patient care. The second one I told her the truth and that there were some personality conflicts and organization issues, and that I had made one mistake which was leaving meds out that I didn't see when I was cleaning the areas after some really fast paced patients (preop eye surgeries which were in and out within 15 mins). I did tell her I rectified the situation and the good things I did in that job as well. The third was my ER job which had been 5 years and there were ups and downs and the good points. I did say I had a decent relationship with the manager and I wasn't real sure what she would say. I did say my references will be good. I then stated, that was a hard question. Grrrrr, what was I thinking?!? She did say she appreciated my candor though and ended the phone interview with asking if I would be willing to come in and meet with her mon morn. My references will give me good ones and my last manager is one of them. So if you got through all this, here is my questions. Would she have still asked me to come in and meet with her if she wasn't interested anymore? What else do you think she will ask me? Thanks so much!
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    I'd say you did really well in the interview. You answered the questions honestly and thoroughly. No one is best friends with every manager they've worked with, but it sounds like you acted professionally with each of them despite some personality conflicts. I don't think she would waste your time and ask you to come in if she wasn't interested.

    Let us know how it goes! Good luck!
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    You were honest...I think honesty goes very far. I got my dream job after a face to face interview, in which I was honest about a conflict on my job, how I handled it, and what I could do better...I kept second guessing myself because I thought that I may not get the job-but I start February 4th, so I guess I will start!

    I say relax, see how it yourself, be will get the job!
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    I always thought all they could ask is "did she work for you?" and "would you hire her back?" Anything beyond that would go to your references, not your managers.