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  1. Hi nurses!!!!
    I am a newly grad and licensed RPN! I am just wondering if you guys can give me tips about my interview (especially for those who are experienced!!! ) I have an interview this week and it is a long term care. It is only less than 30 residents and I am just wondering what questions they will ask me? since there is only one rpn in charge per shift, and the rest are PSW and there is only one RN which is in the morning or day shift only. Can you guys help me, any ideas of a possible interview questions? Will they ask me questions like... knowing how to supervise the PSWs since there could be times when I am in charge?
    There was one question that my friend said that they might ask...
    "if there you notice that 2 PSWs are fighting/arguing.. what would you do?" I was thinking to talk to them in a calm way and listen to both side of the stories and try to meet in the middle, like resolve the problem where 2 of them agrees.. is that correct? if not, PLEASE HELP!!!!!! thank you!!!

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  3. by   Daisy_08
    Congrats on getting an interview!

    Here are the LTC questions I remember (can`t remember too many):
    -where did you do your placements
    -what did you like/not like
    -did you do any in LTC (they want to know if you are truly interested and care about the geriatric pop)
    -knowing that some PSW`s are older and have worked here for 20y. How would you handle being in a leadership role over them
    -What would you do it if a rt developed ........(I can't remember what it was, but it was abnormal)
    -What would you do if a diabetic rt wanted second desserts
    -what does communication mean to you

    In the hosp:
    -I was given a report of 5 urgent pts, and to had prioritize them (there were also some med options)
    -what was a mistake you have made in practice (excluding anything illegal of course - just make sure you talk about how you learned from that and how it has actually helped you now)
    Also I once did a group interview in LTC that had just opened a new wing. That was interesting, they were a very team oriented place, and we did a lot of group games and communication activities.
    Can`t remember any more.

    Good luck, Search this site and google and you will find plenty. Make sure you do some research about the place before - history, mission statement ect.

    I dont think they will ask you 'how' to supervise PSW. They have there job and you have yours. There are times you will direct them and times they will come to you. But its all a team, your not really thier boss, more of a team leader. The RN will have too, they have there own work and wont be hovoring over you and checking your work.

    Just and FYI - on this site you will want to put LPN/RPN when talking about you as every RPN is only used in Ontario (accept Alberta but it means register psychiatric nurse). So people may not know what you're talking about.