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  1. As I begin my job search as a newly licensed RN, I was wondering if there were any important or insightful questions I should be asking my future employers.

    In previous non-nursing jobs that I obtained in highschool or beginning of college, I would be asking: what are your benefits? when can I begin fulltime? ..etc

    But with nursing, are there any questions you find extremely important to ask during an interview?
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    If it's an inpatient floor, what is the nurse-patient ratio? Patient acuity? How long is orientation?
    How is the scheduling? Do you have every other weekend off? Is there rotating shifts?
    I need to ask a question. When a hospital gives you a career assessment, that you either pass or fail.
    What are they looking for. Usually i have good instincts. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    well done, insightful information , i shall pass this link to other new grads. in our facility, thank you for sharing.
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    great tips!
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    Thank you so much for all of these great replies!! Much appreciated!!
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    I always recomment that applicants show an interest in the patients. Most managers want to hire someone who actually WANTS to do the type of work that they are hiring someone to do, someone who actually cares about the patients. So ask a few questions about the people you will be caring for ... where they come from, what their major problems are, what types of resources are available to help them with those problems, etc. Use your questions to show that you care.
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    Some great comments so far, but I would add:
    • How does management view the role and importance of this position?
    • What particular software do you use?
    • Are there any perks I might not be expecting?
    • How many people work in this department?
    • How much overtime is typically expected?

    I have found a great resource of questions to ask during the interview here.