Not interviewed by higher ups, am I screwed?

  1. So I had an interview @ my college, and they only do 1 round of itnerviews for each position (well 2 if you count the nurse recruiter)

    Today I had an interview on the floor I really want, but there was a big conference and most of the higher ups were away at it.

    All of the CNS, and nurse manager were not there

    I was interviewed by the nurse educator, a charge nurse, and a floor nurse.

    I know there are about 10-15 applicants for 3 spots, is the fact that nobody of significance was present at my issue going to really hurt my chances?
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  3. by   five10fevr
    I was interviewed by a Nurse manager(not floor I was hired for) and nurse educator at my interview. I was offered a New grad residency position and accepted the job. To this day I still haven't met my new nurse manager. I am due to start the new position in two weeks.
    So to answer the question I don't believe it is a deal breaker. The people that interviewed you are the actual people that will be working with you day to day so their opinions real count.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   HouTx
    Many organizations have hiring processes that involve peer interviews. In some cases, the peer interviewers actually determine who will be offered the job. The hiring manager can always veto the selection if something comes up on the background or reference checks.

    I think it's shocking that managers are not even making an effort to at least meet new hires. I have found that this usually signals a "disengaged" manager who is not really in touch with staff concerns.