New Grad Nursery Interview

  1. Hello!

    I was wondering if you guys have any words of wisdom or tips on interviewing in the Newborn Nursery as a new grad? I have an interview on monday at the hospital I work at and I am freaking out! I usually do well in interviews and get the job but this is my first interview for an RN position. I am an internal applicant and I have IMO some really great references but you never know what could happen right?

    So any tips? I wrote down some questions to ask at the end of the interview.
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    Advice please!! My interview is tomorrow!
  4. by   NewRN089
    New grad here. I asked my manager (during my interview) what made a new nurse sucessful on our unit. She said" the ability to get along with the team." She said, you have the apporopriate nursing knowledge and skills, but interpersonal skills make or break you.

    So I'd emphasize team work stories and your ability to assimilate into any group.

    It's true. You have to get along with your co-workers. I've experienced this in my 6 months as a new nurse. I'm jealous. I love babies! Good luck.
    Thank you so much! I work at this hospital as a CNA and I had my preceptorship in post partum so I am familiar with the staff there. I will certainly ask that question tomorrow though!
  6. by   LVHI_RN
    So did you end up getting the job in the nursery?
    Oh hello! I interviewed great but after speaking with the staff on that floor, I found out that they can take up to six months to start people on that floor. Not interested in working as a CNA until then so I took a job on my home floor in Neuro Med Surg.
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    I am a pre-nursing student at csn. Any biology 189 tips? I am currently studying exams and chapters off quizlet for my fall biology-189 class. Is that a good idea? Tyvm4 your advice