New Grad Nurse Residency Interview

  1. I have applied for several new grad residencies and anticipate getting an interview in the next several days.

    I believe it will be a panel interview. How does one best prepare? I've researched the company so I'm okay with that.

    However, do they typically ask nursing questions? how about the response to 'what would you do if you come in the room and your patient is on the floor?

    What would you do if you suspect a co-worker of abusing a patient?

    Why should we hire you?

    Any advice or tips from people who have gone through a new grad residency interview, panel interview or even recent nursing job interviews would be great.

    I've gone over my resume several times and i've made an inventory of my skills so I know my strengths but anything else I should do ?

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  3. by   utamaverick
    Here are some typical questions they may ask you:

    How was your travel to the hospital?
    Tell me about yourself?
    When can you start?
    Give me an example of how you used critical thinking to resolve a patient related problem.
    Why did you choose nursing as a career?
    What career goals do you have for the next year? For the next 5 years?

    Be prepared to be given scenarios that will question your prioritization skills, your genuine concern and empathy for others, or your ability to make others feel valued.

    Give me an example of when you...
    • Made a decision that was not with the majority
    • Felt it justifiable to bend the policy
    • Had to rebuild trust and confidence with a person after an incident
    Give me an example of how teamwork helped you accomplish a task.
    Tell me of a time when you made a mistake in the clinical setting and what you did about it.
    Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
    If you had a great idea to help improve the unit or patient care, what would you do about the idea?
    What type of leadership style do you work best with?
    Describe the qualities of the manager or supervisor you would work well with?
    How do you feel about rotating shifts and floating to other units?
    Where do you see nursing going in the next 5 years?

    What to ask if before a job offer is made:
    What is the RN to Patient ratio?
    What type of orientation can I expect?
    As a GN, I know I have challenges and hurdles I will have to overcome, could you tell me how you have helped past GN's be successful in their orientation and integration?
    How are nurses involved in the decision making process for the hospital?
    What planned changes are expected for the unit within the next year?
    If the unit is short staffed, what measures are taken to get the extra help?
    What educational opportunities are available to me after graduation?
    Am I expected to participate in any committees? If so, how soon?
    How is shift report given?
    What type of patient diagnosis or conditions are accepted on the unit?

    Hope this helps and good luck to you!
  4. by   NewGoalRN
    Thanks so much for the above! It sure does help and even though I am prepared to answer some of those questions, several of them i had to think for a while to recall answers so thank you. I know that I have to work on preparing my answers for some of your questions which all sound like something someone on a panel would ask.
  5. by   pinkfan
    Hi! Just wondering what hospital the residency program is that you will be interviewing for?
  6. by   Raatoon
    This is very interesting. Are there any scenario type questions that you can recommend? Or offer any advice on the topic?
  7. by   sds1arm2
    Are there are resources that are helpful to study that will help with "who would you see first" questions? I'm going to be having a second interview with the Educator for an ER internship program and want to be prepared if asked questions on how I would prioritize the patients I would see first.
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  9. by   Raatoon
    Thanks for you help. I did get a prioritizing question which I completely screwed up. However, they did not seem to hold me too much to it. The had me explain my rational behind my actions and then told me how they would have liked to see the task be completed.
  10. by   newgrad8717
    As a new grad BSN RN do I mention in the interview that I am looking to work in NICU because I ultimately want to get my DNP in neonatology.

    I can see this as a liability since it shows I won't be a floor nurse for long, 2-3 yrs. But I can see it as an asset as well as they could see me committing to them as a Neo NP as well.

    Don't know what route to take.