Nervous..first RN interview

  1. Hello nurses and future nurses,
    I recently graduated from a BSN program and just scored my FIRST interview.Yay! It is a RN surgery position. I have not had a "real" interview in years. I really want to do a good job.My question for everyone is what questions should I ask to show my passion and actually stand out,also what type of questions is appropriate for surgical nursing.I reallllly want this job.Any input from new nurses or even surgical nurses would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  3. by   Eric Cartman
    Only ask questions that you want to know the answer to. What I mean by this is ask sincere questions. Don't just ask questions because you feel like you should in order to sound interested in the position. What's the point of asking "the nurse to patient ratio," if you are not interested; although I do think that is an important question, since the patient ratio will affect the nurses work.

    Items of interest for me during an interview:
    -nurse patient ratio
    -is being on call mandatory
    -does the hospital provide continuing education for nurses
    -(for a new unit) duration of orientation
    -is it required to be pulled to other floors in the event of a nursing shortage

    If you do not have any questions regarding the position, I would suggest going online and reading about the facility, seeing if you have any questions about the organization, or hospital. It's good to have questions for your potential employer in my opinion. Check out the health facility's website and see if they have a section of their website that is devoted to nurses. Read over the information that is posted and see if that evokes any potential questions.