Graduated in 2014

  1. Hi All,

    I graduated with my BSN in 2014. I am retaking NCLEX in 2 weeks (3rd time is the charm). I have been unsuccessful at passing the past two times that I have sat for boards. The week before I test I have applied to a RN Residency here in San Antonio and they do a meet and greet with on the spot interviews. Obviously I haven't been able to practice nursing and I work full time for an Oilfield Company.

    How should I answer if the question comes up - "What have you been doing since graduation?"
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Truthfully. To do otherwise will come back and bite you eventually.
  4. by   Alex_RN
    Honesty is your only option but practice your story. Are there any relevant anecdotes you can add? Any volunteer work in healthcare? Any heavy-duty customer service/on your feet work like bartending or being a food server? Think about what you have done and the skills that you possess that are translatable to nursing. It is often easier to talk this out with nurses who will be able to see the relevant skills in your current work. Also, are you never late, never call out, often on-call, super reliable?

    My best orientees have been bartenders and servers. They are fast on their feet, super multitaskers, and can remember a lot of details.