First Job Interview Tomorrow!!

  1. I recently passed my NCLEX and have been on the job hunt. I was starting to get discouraged because its really hard to fill out tons of applications and not hear back from any of the facilities. Then today i got that long anticipated call! So i have an interview tomorrow and i don't want to mess up this chance of landing a job. Out of all the interview questions I have previously been asked, i think i struggle with the questions "Why should we hire you?", "What are your strengths and weaknesses?", and "State a time where you had to deal with a conflict?" Those are basic questions but each time i've ever interviewed I either feel like i did really well or I know i did really bad. What do i do if i don't know how to answer what they are asking or haven't experienced what they are asking? I'm a ball of nerves. I have researched the company and mission, and i plan to be prepared to answer the most common interview questions. Should i bring a copy of my resume and cover letter? I really want to land this job because its a really tough market and I'm more than ready to start my career.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Goodluck to everyone searching for jobs!
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  3. by   ll86
    I have my first hospital interview tomorrow and I am so nervous! The only other interview I have had was for a laser spa so this will be way different. I got my license 6 months ago this job hunt is so hard! I found this online and think it's helpful

    I would definitely bring a copy of your cover, resume and certifications. Also letters of rec if you have them. Goodluck!
  4. by   five10fevr
    I went on my first hospital job interview on Monday. It was so different then any other interview I have gone on. It was all behavioral questions. Such as...Tell me a time when you had a difficult patient and how did you deal with it, tell me a time you were compassionate, tell me a time when you had to prioritize patients needs. Just think up different senerios just in case. I have heard this is becoming the norm.

    Just like previous poster bring resume, letter of recommendations, I was also asked to bring a letter why I want to work for that facility and unit and transcripts.
    Good luck
  5. by   newbieRN724
    Thank you for the advice and link! I went to the interview this morning and it was so laid back. I only got asked two questions. Next thing I knew I was doing a drug test and fingerprinting. I'm part time for now but have the opportunity to move to full time when it comes available! I'm excited!
  6. by   five10fevr
    Congratz!!! Wonderful news
  7. by   aprilpam77
    Well done! Congratulations!

    I myself had an interview today too for Inpatient Hospice Nurse but I have to wait till next week to hear from them.
    I really hope I get a job although it's Per Diem but I love the place and I want to be a CHPN!!!!
  8. by   newbieRN724
    I hope you get it too!!! I was expecting the interviewer to say she will be I touch too. So I was bit surprised! Per diem, part time, whatever it takes to get our foot in the door!
  9. by   EMEddie
    Good luck everyone!Do

    Do you guys make copies of reference letters? What about a professional portfolio? One is good for all people intervirwing?
  10. by   newbieRN724
    I applied online an submitted my résumé an cover letter. Then I followed up with an email about how my clinical experiences helped prepare me for my nursing career. I think portfolio would definitely help
  11. by   newbieRN724
    I had brought with me a copy of my cover letter an résumé. I only interviewed with one person. She already had printed out my cover letter and résumé. It wouldn't hurt to bring copies just incase it was a panel interview
  12. by   aprilpam77
    I got the phone call today , Yeahhhh, I was offered today!!! Yes!!!! Thank you for your support
  13. by   jujubeee
    Yay!!! Congrats!!!
  14. by   newbieRN724
    Congrats!!!! That is awesome!