Companies with the hardest job interviews

  1. Found @ CNBC

    Companies with the hardest job interviews

    Among the other tough interview questions job candidates reported:

    "If I took your resume and removed the name at the top, what line on your resume would make your friends read it and recognize you?"
    - interview at Boston Consulting Group for a consultant job

    "How would you build an engine from scratch?"
    - interview at Rolls-Royce for an engineer job

    "How many people watched YouTube in my country in the last hour?"
    - interview at Google for search-quality analyst job

    "What kind of people do you dislike the most?"
    - interview at health-care products maker Stryker for a sales rep job

    "Teach me something."
    - interview at computer-software maker Hubspot for a marketing-consultant job

    "Name as many uses for a brick as you can in one minute."
    - interview at graphics-chip maker Nvidia for a campaign-manager job
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  3. by   SNB1014
    some of those are asinine. an interview is such an awkward social experiment!
  4. by   renardeau
    The scenario ones are always funny, but it really does show how a person thinks.

    One of my friends said her question (for a financial consultant/analyst position that has nothing to do with music) was what city do you live in and how many piano tuners do you think work there? She based it off of local knowledge (e.g. we live near a famous music conservatory) and then broadened to the music scene in general and how x% of people listen to music, x% of music has piano in it, and used those estimates on the size of our city, etc. It was really cool to listen to how people reason through things like that though.