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  1. I have never been on an actual Cna interview with a LTC or a hospital. I have only been applying to agencies. Can anyone tell me who will be interviewing me and what questions I will be asked. Will I be asked to demonstrate any skills? Thanks
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  3. by   LJohnson11213
    I'm sorry, I have only been on interviews with agencies, but have currently been applying to LTCF and hospitals.
  4. by   RunnerRN2015
    I've interviewed both at a LTC facility and a hospital (and got both jobs). The LTC facility interview was with the ADON and it was a basic interview. i.e. tell me about yourself, your work history, why did you change careers (I left teaching for nursing school), etc. The she had me meet with the DON for a few minutes. I didn't have to show any skills.

    For the hospital interview, I first met with a peer review team. There were 8 staff members and me: a CNA, a few floor nurses, and other ancillary staff from the floor. Each one asked me a question, things like "What kind of experience do you have working with families?" (peds unit), "How would you handle a patient complaint?", "Tell us a time when you had an issue with a co-worker and how you resolved it", etc. Then I met with the nurse manager for a few minutes. Again, I didn't need to show any skills.