Are you interviewing for other positions?

  1. What is the right answer for this job interview question?

    On the one hand you want them to know (or think) that you're in demand, that you're not just sitting around at home waiting for their call back. OTOH you want to give the impression that this job is really the one you wanted all along (even if it's not).

    What's the best way to respond? What if they ask for more details about where/what you've been interviewing (which I don't think is appropriate, but I've still been asked).
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  3. by   calivianya
    The job that just hired me asked me that during the interview. The background here is that I really wanted to work in a MSICU. I straight up told them that I was applying to many jobs in four separate states, and that I was continuing to apply. I had been applying so many places because I am passionate about working in the MSICU and I know it's a hard unit to get in as a new grad because of the patient acuity. I also said that I was going to fight for my dream and if that meant applying and interviewing in multiple places that I'd do what I had to do. I guess that worked for me.