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hello, Everyone...great site. Been reading it for while and finally decided to post. Current RN in ICU and considering heading back to school for Masters in Informatics. Bit about myself: ... Read More

  1. by   overtonis
    Just update - I became a super-user for Sorian Clinicals and helped hospital with their medication reconcilation EMR piece. Was contacted today for a 16 week assignment in California for Epic 'go live'. I started a new thread on this today. Our situation in ICU here in south jersey is not so good. They continue to push 3-1 ratios with patients as sick as ever and I get sense that almost everyone in our unit is burned out. I work per diem at two local hospitals and its same situation at both locations.

    Since I did have previous business experience I am attempting to converge my degrees and experience into something that more sustainable long term. Every admin person I have spoken to anticipates the situation will get worse over next few years as Medicare really clamps down on reimbursements to hospital.

    I do think now is the time to act as these 'go lives' are rolling out and government will start to fine health care institutions who are not electronic by '14. Whatever you do ...take action if you want more from your career. I will only go for Masters if company/hospital will pay for it and I have had time to test that field and determined I really like it. Good luck and message me if you have specific questions.
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    Go ahead and do your MSN-Nursing Informatics. Nursing is going to continue to require more as patients are sicker ....along with managed care. That is why I return to school to transition myself from the bedside but continue to contribute to evidence based practice and quality care...I have become burned out from having high pt ratios and very little hands. I'm currently in MSN-Nursing Informatics program will finish spring2014. I to love computers and was turn on to it by a super user. But if you decide to teach its nice to have your MSN to pad your future, so you will not be a burned out bedside nurse... you will have options. Nurses need to look at the whole picture and include yourself....there will always be patients's only one of you live your dreams and treat yourself well. I work out, eat healthy but I still needed a transition because I was seeing what was occurring on the unit and in other states. Also many places continue to raise the education standards for management positions. If everyone has a BSN on a unit...and you have your MSN-Nursing Informatics you will engage into a better market and travel positions from all over...also be used in bio informatics, consumer health, information technology, develop programs, consulting firms for new hospitals and clinics and workflow improvements....the list goes on. Especial with the push to have every place go electronic by 2014....which I don't see happening I think many places will end up paying penalties and receive less reimbursements if they don't comply with the standards. Everyone tells me but your young you can continue to hang on the floors...I smile at them and say I'm looking at the big picture and my own health. I want to reflect back on my career and realize I took many leaps to have self rewards. Also I want to pad my future into other areas of the years role by. I wish you the best and good luck with your travel assignment.
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  3. by   countrygirl629
    Hi thecool1Nscrubs,
    I am contemplating my MSN in Informatics but not sure if I should go in that direction or Leadership and Management. I feel the same way you do-know that I won't want to be 60 years old running around the floors turning patients. I'm a new nurse I've had my RN for just over a year but have yet to work because I have been staying home with our daughter. I don't have experience in any field but know that this is the best time to get my degree because I may never have this "time off" again. My question for you is: how do you like informatics and what kind of positions are available as an informatics nurse? Thanks
  4. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    Response to Countrygril629

    I'm currently still in school which I will finish in the spring2014 the MSN/Nursing informatics program. I have enjoyed the program. Jobs that Nursing Informatics can do are workflow design for hospitals or various other clinical settings, pharmaceutical companies, data mining, Develop software that is user friendly to improve workflow, Quality Assurance tracking reporting and system monitoring, Public Health, Bio informatics, Insurance companies(Especially those that are selling medical coverage), Consumer Health and you could teach EHR within various settings hospitals and clinics, you can help troubleshoot/making improvements or you could teach at various colleges using your degree...this is only some of the positions. When I finish this program I'm going to the DNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice) that will be it...just want to pad myself because I'm realistic about the job market and the future state of nursing. Return to school if you are able, since you have the time. Places keep pushing for education...with that come extra credentials. So do whats best for you and I wish you the best. I really think a big problem with nursing is that places aren't staff to allow for proper training therefore new nurses have a hard time getting hired(not saying all but just from what I have seen). Take care and keep in touch. Also the others are good choices too Leadership and Management Programs.
  5. by   gabrield
    Hi Carl, I've read your post. How's your job now?

    I am working as a Admin Clinical Nurse Supervisor in a Home Health Care setting, and we have an approaching electonic record plan. Since I am also the techie guy here, they are planning me to put in that position.

    I found it as another opportunity for me since I really enjoy working in a computer, technology/ combined nursing.

    What can you suggest for me to do? Not sure about the EMR software that we will use but I am really excited to work as Nursing Informaticist. Based on your previous post, you become the superuser of Soarian, would you suggest the same thing to me as a Superuser? I think there will be a great difference for Home Health set up.

    Any advice?

  6. by   mdlackowski
    I much like the OP first gained my BBA in Computer Information Management / Management from Northwood University. Next, I started working for Ascension Health on their Ambulatory EHR team, learning Allscripts as well as MDI Matrix for the skilled nursing facility. Then I went back to college for my ADN. I am going to be taking my boards on Aug. 12, but I am already sitting on the Nursing Informatics Council as a graduate nurse because of my background in EHRs, Meaningful Use, Project Management, and training. I am actually planning on going for my DNP in Nursing Informatics, but that is more so for bragging rights. I could honestly teach many of the classes just from my YEARS in teaching classrooms full of providers, midlevels, billers, coders, MA's, LPNs, RNs on Meaingful Use, MIPS, the HITECH Act and oh yeah... the EHR / EMR application. But become a super user and MAKE sure you post a LinkedIN profile. I am constantly getting headhunted for jobs on Allscripts Touchworks or Sunrise contracts.

    Also there is a free EHR called You might want to play using that as sandbox to mess around in.
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