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  1. Hi i have 3 year bedside experience telefloor and IMCU. I love my job, but after losing my first pregnancy because of my heavy workload in IMCU, now im thinking of going to nursing informatics. How hard to land a job as NI? My only IT experience is i work in a freelance company for 3 years that builds and optimize websites and applications, i work with developers and programmers. My husband also develops code to buid some apps. I am really desperate to get out of bedside because i feel soo guilty losing my first baby. Thank you. Pls also give me some tips what education and certification can i take? Thanks!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I am so sorry about your pregnancy - I lost a couple of pregnancies myself, both while I was working two ED jobs at a time and I blamed myself (though it really wasn't my fault, just like it wasn't your fault either).

    NI is kind of hit or miss - I think it really just depends on your area. I would start by looking at your facility/unit and seeing where you can pitch in and help with things like EMR change testing or superuser activities. If you want to do a little studying, has some study material for the NI certification that you could check out. (I think it's $69 per year for access to all of it.) You wouldn't be able to sit for NI certification until you have an MSN or are working in NI, though. But it might give you an idea of the types of things NI nurses do - it's a very diverse role.
  4. by   chocoholic1
    First of all - so sorry about your pregnancy.

    I was also wondering what the outlook was. I am thinking about applying to a masters degree program, and I would be willing to move for a couple years to gain experience after graduating if I had to. I currently live in a fairly big city - do most urban areas have job opportunities? Its really hard to find info on this field since its a smaller specialty.