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  1. Hello. I am interested in pursuing a career in Nursing Informatics. I am a new nurse and have a Master's Degree in Information Systems. I would like to know if this is enough to get started in the field of nursing informatics. If not, what other things could I do, to get into the field? I do not have any hands on experience in IS or IT.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   roser13
    Our Nursing Informatics nurse has an extensive history of nursing experience to draw upon. Do you have reason to believe that you can be in the Nursing informatics field without having any actual nursing experience?
  4. by   heavenly7ven
    Okay. Experience. What else?
  5. by   Double-Helix
    It depends on what kind of job you're looking for. Do you want to work for an EMR company doing training and education? Or do you want to work for a hospital building and designing the EMR system and consulting on other technology related issues? Either way your first step is to find a job in a hospital system (bigger systems will have more opportunities), get to know the electronic documentation system and meet people within the IT and informatics department who can help you network.
  6. by   heavenly7ven
    Thank you Double-Helix, BSN. Your input was very informative and useful. I will definitely take your advice and go from there.
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  8. by   sweetlilwolf
    Is for sure say get some hands on nursing bedside care experience. We require at least 2 -5years of nursing experience for nurses and a BSN or MSN (I'm sure your masters would be fine).
    The reason they want bedside experience is because they NIs are the ones who understand the workflow because we did it... I hope that makes sense.

    You might be able to find work as a system analyst without any nursing experience but the pay range is different also since it's more of an IT role.

    If you work at a hospital system try to get some bedside experience and become a superuser that will help too. If you are working as a nurse at a hospital system once you have experinace you can apply for a informatics position within the hospital system. You'll have a leg up on others because you'd know the workflows and issues
  9. by   heavenly7ven
    Thank you. I will take your advice as well.
  10. by   IndyMitchell
    If I want to work for an EMR company doing training and education, should I go back to school for Nursing Informatics? I have a BSN do I need a Masters?