1. How do you feel computers will effect delivery of nursing care within the next 5 years?
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  3. by   Tara
    Computers have been used in our hospital for around 10 years and have proven in some way benifical and in some ways limiting. I know we are currently installing a new system that will allow all our areas within our department to communicate and look up specific information concerning procedures, H&P's etc. This system will also allow the doctors to access the system from there own office which will significantly decrease the number of phone calls we receive for reports on caths,Tee's,EP's etc.
  4. by   markbeer
    I would suggest that computers or perhaps the internet will have the biggest effect on nursing away from the clinical setting. This being in how we keep ourselves updated & share our knowledge/good practice with others. Or just gossip around the globe with each other.

  5. by   rninformatics
    How will computers effect delivery of nursing care within the next 5 years? Computer technology will not only improve Nursing deliver/care but many other disciplines deliver of pt care as well.
    Improved/easier access for pt's to health care practicioners,health related information, to their own medical information and to their insurers will be provided by present and emerging computer technologies. Decreased pharmacutical costs via e-commerce. Improved communication and legibility of documentation via web based applications. Improved provider (insurance and health care) access to archived health data. Improvements in imaging and diagnostic functionality and increased utilization/deliver of care via telemedicine and telehealth. These are some of the ways computer technology is and will contribute to improved pt care.
  6. by   ruby mcbride
    It will allow all disciplines across all departments to "talk" to each other and readily access patients records. We have already seen a decrease in the physicians asking the nurses to obtain information for them. Doctors can look up group practices patients lab test, radiology results, etc., from their offices and then contact the nursing unit with orders. It has decreased those unnecessary phone calls back and forth. We had lots of resistance when we implemented our program, but it is much better now. Good luck.
  7. by   Chris HRN
    I think confidentiality is going to become a bigger issue in the next five years as we work to preserve it. I don't think computerized data has been challenged significantly in the courts yet.