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here's my dilemma, I passed the local boards last June 2006 and because of certain issues, our licenses are on hold. I know it has been said a lot of times that a local license is not needed for... Read More

  1. by   dianemac
    you have worked so hard to get where you are at now and i would not jeapordize it. I would wait if i were you
  2. by   suzanne4
    Quote from Mike28770
    Yes, of course I contacted North Carolina BON, and they confirmed that no license is required for them to process a request for foreign nurse license. The place where the problem comes will be cgfns...whose business is the credidation of foreign candidates. And, fortunately (???) my fiancee has a visa, so we can do immigration petitions here -- the problem is this Philippine license craziness!

    Just to think this through, eh, each state is the agency that issues licenses and renewals, etc. NCLEX provides uniform testing services for foreign graduates from many countries, and cgfns provides verification of credentials, and other services as well. It appears that most compact states only require the CES from CGFNS, North Carolina included. I confirmed NC does not require Philippine License. NCLEX is testing I think it's time to ask cgfns their opinion. Logically if a candidate meets CES requirements and passes NCLEX, and the state BON issues a license, well seems it's enough. Any ideas on who to contact at cgfns?
    CES will not be issued if they need to verify the license, that is the point that I have been trying to make to you. There is no license to verify, yet the nurse took the exam. That is where the bigger problem is.
  3. by   Mike28770
    Well, thanks Diane for your concern. But what are we waiting FOR?? More of the same?
  4. by   Dush
    you can't declare what you don't have, can you?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but there is a place on all of the applications where it asks if you have taken a national exam, you cannot leave it off. To do so, is considered fraud, and is grounds for denying a greeen card to the nurse.
  6. by   suzanne4
    at this point, this thread has well served its purpose and is ready to go to sleep.