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Hi everyone! :wavey: Just want to ask if there's anyone out there who has an idea if Medical City is currently accepting applicants? Or if their schedule for trainings is ongoing? I wanted to follow... Read More

  1. by   puppy_eyes88
    I tried my luck around March (keeping in mind to aplly to not just with this hospital). Jot the the info they needed. Good grades on my PNLEX, reputable school and all. Still keeping my hopes up and plan to register again. I noticed there was a particular school they highlighted among the applicants. I just hope TMC does not ruin there reputation by being bias.
  2. by   spongebob6286
    i have been trying my luck to apply there but i wasnt even given a chance to sit for an exam. lols. maybe something isnt right about my resume.
  3. by   tron22
    my friend took exam last week and she said, almost exam takers there was refered by any backers.. including him. lol. only few walk-ins..
  4. by   chocokat79
    Quote from tron22
    my friend took exam last week and she said, almost exam takers there was refered by any backers.. including him. lol. only few walk-ins..
    Did your friend say if the exam was easy? I'm really frustrated with my application. As I've posted weeks ago, I took the exam a year and a half ago (December 2008) and after following up my application a few days after my exam they assured me that I passed and will be receiving a call from them for the psychological exam and interview. They even told me my score (the passing at that time was 75, and my score was more that 75). But they said that a year and a half ago. Now I've been trying to call them up again but the lady in HR (particularly the one in charge for nursing recruitment) said that I must've failed the exam because I did not receive a call. I kindly told her that I followed up three times (last December 2008) and was told that indeed I passed the exam. She suggested that I just take the exam again. Now I know that they do not call everybody who passed because I met some people during the exam and we exchanged cell numbers. Some of them also followed up and were told that they also passed the exam. I think one of them was called and scheduled for the psychological exam but two of them did not receive any call. We lost touch after a while but then my hunch was confirmed after that incident that only those with backers are being called.

    Now I was told that the exam now is more difficult, as they've changed it already. So for those who took the exam lately, is it really THAT difficult? I'm just upset that I gave my best and was told that I passed but because of those with backers I wasn't given a chance to prove myself. Now I may have to register all over and take a more difficult exam again.

    Sorry, just venting here..
  5. by   jms8
    looks like some of us would have to wait a little longer because we don't have a backer
  6. by   cutemockie
    i think for you to get hired fast, you have to have both "the qualifications" and backer. first is qualification... i think the school and board rating is a big factor for them to choose the applicants for the initial exam. what could be the reason why they make you write the school and board rating without submitting the resume? for the backer... well you know how it works.

    i guess for those who don't meet the hospital's standards, a strong backer is a must.

    well, this is just my opinion. maybe they do random selection by pointing the finger on the list while covering their eyes. or maybe the handwriting

    but for all those who applied i wish us all good luck!
  7. by   jasper2009
    Scheduled to take the Preemployment Exam this Tuesday. Anyone scheduled to take it too?
  8. by   jms8
    when did you pass your application? do you have a "backer"?
  9. by   glazed

    hey jasper2009, when did you apply at Medical City? May I know your average or board rating? Is it 80% above.? Do you think they have a quota in board rating?

    Thank You
  10. by   jasper2009
    I applied February 3, 2010. Filled up the clipboard they handed me. Followed up my application last Tuesday via my sponsor who is a Doctor in Medical City. Received a text informing me that I am scheduled to take a preemployment exam tomorrow.

    Yes my board rating is above 80%. Definitely Medical City HR is using backer system. Proven it myself.
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  11. by   felicitypaul
    You are lucky enough Jasper2009..Good luck!
  12. by   cjrosero28
    hi guys..just want to ask if medical city is still open for hiring until now?
  13. by   glazed

    Thanks for the info.. you are lucky.. I hope that you will make it.. Do your best!

    Good Luck jasper2009