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If any of you works or knows about this, how much do they pay newly grad RNs? And how does employment application go about? Please share. Thanks! :D... Read More

  1. by   anansi
    to all those waiting for a call from the medical city, i suggest while waiting, apply in a hospital near you, if you live in the province, apply in a tertiary hospital, you will get VALUABLE experience there. for the simple reason, the nurses do everything. before i entered medical city , i worked for 6 months in a hospital in the province, and i learned all the basics there. i did not have a hard time adjusting at all. in TMC they won't make you insert NGT's or foley caths or do ABG's. the interns do that. when there's a code, a code team arrives. in the province, it's just you, the resident and the head nurse. so you learn more. trust me. i have assisted in more codes in the province compared to here.
  2. by   optimistic,RN
    Do they still accept resume's from applicants? i kinda felt disheartened because of the situation of nurses today.. I'm trying to find my luck to many hospitals where I could work as volunteer nurse maybe..Thanks...
  3. by   julieanneRN
    Hi everyone! tomorrow is my schedule for second interview at TMC.
    Can anyone give me pointers as to what i should expect?
    It's my first "second interview" and i hope i could be given some guidance.
    Unlike a previous post, the HR staff who interviewed me did not mention
    a particular vacancy position (e.g. ancillary, wellness, etc.)
    so I'm pretty much clueless about what to expect for tomorrow.
    I hope someone could help me.
    I'm really glad i stumbled upon this forum,
    I've been preparing (studying) for it despite zero idea of what will happen.
    Thank you for taking time to read.
    And I hope anyone could offer their 2cents.
    With all gratefulness, -Julie Anne I., RN batch 2008 :spin:
  4. by   anansi
    hi julieane! it depends on who will interview you. one of the clinical instructors will be interviewing you. mostly med surgical questions. they will choose a disease, you explain the patho physio - labs to looks for, meds to give. nursing interventions in giving these meds. and of course they will also ask questions that will give them an idea of how dedicated you are. some new nurses go AWOL after just one week. or 2 weeks. so they want to make sure you've got it in you. good luck! but i think im too late - i saw about 6 nurses outside the NSO waiting to be interviewed. were you one of them?
  5. by   crafts
    Hi guys is there anybody knows about the duties of nurse pharmacologist at the medical city because HR offer that position to me because there is no job vacancies for nurses. i attended the nursing training program last january 2009. please give me a hint about questions they ask during interview with the pharmacy department because my interview will be on Aprill 30.

    Thank you so much......
  6. by   crafts
    Hi just wanna inform you that there is no job vacancies at tha TMC right now that is according to HR. im one of the trainee, and almost 3 mos. after the training still there is no call....
  7. by   optimistic,RN
    Do they still accept applicants? help!! thanks..
  8. by   anansi
    hi crafts! the nurse pharmacology program is a new thing for TMC. currently the only ones making their rounds in the units are pharmacologists. i think you guys will be starting in june. we were told about this last week. i guess you will be checking the doctor's order sheet, the kardex, the med sheet and making sure these drugs are given correctly. bec there are still a lot of things that current nurses do not know in terms of preparation that only pharmacologists are keen on. like which solution can be mixed w a certain drug, what not to give together w a particular one...etc. so for your interview, obviously you have to brush up on pharmacology. good luck!
  9. by   julieanneRN
    TO anansi:

    yep, i found this message a lil too late but thanks so much!
    and i'm also very pleased to say that i PASSED! yay!
    i got the text message informing me to go back this coming monday
    for briefing about requirements and medical exam.
    btw, about the 6 nurses you saw, i wasn't probably one of them
    as i was the fourth to be interviewed and there were 11 of us
    in line. i must've been done by then, but i assume you were there that day right?
    the guy who interviewed me asked about cva,
    and even if i did not study much about this particular condition
    i was thankful to remember quite a lot about it.
    to those who are subject for FINAL interview,
    i suggest they calm down and breathe deep,:spin:
    it was quite a long and agonizing wait but it's all worth it.
    good luck and god bless!
  10. by   crafts
    [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/sarah/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/sarah/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.jpg[/IMG] thank you very much for the information i think it will help me a lot
    do you have any idea how much will be the compensation is it smaller or bigger than nurses in the unit?
    tnx and God bless
  11. by   crafts
    yes they still accepting applicant but you will wait for a long time to be hired.....
  12. by   prongs
    to julieanneRN: How long did you have to wait before they responded to your application? Did you give them your resume or did you use that computer system i've read about where you just input your name and board rating?

    I called the HR department. I was told that they still accept applicants but only for manpower pooling. I'm still gonna try though, you never know
  13. by   julieanneRN
    TO prongs:

    I waited for about one and a half weeks.
    I gave them my resume and i didn't undergo that computer input system.
    you might want to opt for a different institution,
    that is if you want speedier results
    (i dunno which institution though)
    but anyway, goodluck and godbless!

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