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  1. by   harmitch08
    Originally Posted by nars1019
    Yes, UP-PGH has a 4-month (August 24 to December 4, 2009) Clinical Nursing Enhancement Program (CNEP) which costs Php 5,000 and is ONLY offered for registered nurses who have limited and/or not actively practiced the profession for five (5) consecutive years.

    The CNEP is different from the 6-month Advancement Program in Clinical Nursing (APCN) which is offered for registered nurses who want to gain clinical experience at the Philippine General Hospital.

    I'm not sure about it but what I know from other nurse applicants is that undergoing training at the PGH does not guarantee you a slot in the Nurse Proficiency Exam (NPE). My girlfriend who has undegone the 6-month APCN training last year still had to queue early in the morning at the DNRD office just to submit her requirements and get the much coveted slot for the NPE.

    In my own experience, I had to queue at around 5 in the morning at the PGH lobby just to get a slot for the submission of requirements.

    After submission of requirements, an applicant should pass the NPE and then be scheduled for a panel interview. If she/he passes the panel interview, then she/he must wait for the final interview with the Deputy Director of Nursing Services. After that, he/she becomes part of the manpower pool and waits for deployment

    hi i just want to know if IVT was included in the APCN program or do i need to have a license as a requirement.thanks
  2. by   nurse_ghee28
    @ harmitch 08... the IVT is not included in the APCN training... yes you will need your license for the application ( to get a dean's form)... by the way the deans form had been distributed last oct. 5... they only give it on date they scheduled...
  3. by   harmitch08
    @nurse_ghee28,,thanks for the info. btw do you know any schedules of some hospital for their IVT?
  4. by   2009passer
    anyone who took the APCN exam? pls. share some tips..
    i'm just waiting for my final interview at pgh, and i think it's a long wait,.. so it will be worth waiting while having some trainings there.. This is all about waiting..)
  5. by   nurse_ghee28
    @harmitch08... i dont know any schedule but try to call the hospital you wish to have your IVT... try to call lung center or fabella hospital , i think they conduct Iv training at least every 3 months ( not sure ).... just give them a call...
  6. by   chubibay, RN
    when will be the next batch for ACPN start ??
  7. by   kermitlover
    Quote from harmitch08
    @nurse_ghee28,,thanks for the info. btw do you know any schedules of some hospital for their IVT?
    try martinez memorial hospital
  8. by   seek_er
    HI. just want to ask those who had their panel interview?what's next for you guys and are they hiring?or still for pooling only..thanks
  9. by   mikeru22
    Hmmm I just joined their thread in yahoo groups. According to the announcement, the recruitment process for nurse applicants has been halted because the DNRD is streamlining the recruitment process for nursing personnel. They're hopeful that the recruitment process will be continued by January next year.

    Reading the thread, I also found out that 250 nurses for manpower pooling are still being considered for hiring since 2008 and just last September, they accepted 100 new applicants for NPE after 2 years.

    I'm getting a better glimpse of how tedious the application process in PGH is. Geez I may need to look at some other options for now & take any opportunities for landing a job there in the future.
  10. by   ubersupeRN

    hi there. Luckily you passed the npe in just 1 take. I passed my npe this october and thats really a second chance for me. Im now bothered bout the panel interview. And since you had your turn, pls give me tips about the panel interview.. Please. I want this so bad. I believe its an opportunity that i dont wanna waste.. Help! TIA!
  11. by   ChocoSyrupOnMyAbs
    Does the submission for requirements and exam for the NPE happen on the same day? Thanks man.
  12. by   ChocoSyrupOnMyAbs
    Hi. I just wanna ask what does PICU, CENICU, PACU and, NSSCU, stand for? Also, i want to ask if you know what date will be the Apcn for 2011 will be? i had problems with my requirements so I wouldn't be able to submit this December 9 for next year's APCN.
  13. by   mayanntot
    Quote from tinkergelle
    hi.. im back my panel interview was postponed. it will be on Oct 21, 2010.. hope this is it because im already here in Manila. doin' nothing! hihihi can anyone advice me what to read in prep for my interview? thanks xoxo

    Hi! hows ur panel interview? ill be having mine on Jan. How many interviewers are there and what kind of questions they are asking? Is going abroad a big deal for them? pls help me. I know you also had been in my situation. Thanks alot.