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Since we are all aware that there is a retrogression in place, and that it will be sometime before many of you will get to the US, lets come up with ways that can make things better for you working... Read More

  1. by   sneakfreak
    all i can say is to make things better for nursing and for nurses here..Is that the government should make a step, take actions. Tell the society the truth, that nurses are over flowing in our country already. Professionals whom a lot do not have professions. They should stop encouraging the public to take up nursing and should stop disseminating information that nurses are still on demand. Instead they should focus on how to help these professionals practice there chosen careers. Im wondering why did they stop the NARS program even if its successful. Funds? Then why not allocate a better budget for healthcare. We all know that nursing have a vast scope of practice. Why not put up programs on these other practices. GOD BLESS US ALL..
  2. by   sneakfreak
    Nurses now are like the over flowing buses in Metro Manila. Too many its causing major traffic jams. You have to fight through the tiny gaps to get through. And the government is doing nothing. When they decided on a solution its late already.
  3. by   hapandnar
    I totally agree. the abuse and unemployment of Nurses has been going in for many years, but the government, including the PNA is not doing anything about it..mainly because Nursing has become a huge business in our country-people are making a lot of money from Nurses.Imagine how much money go into Review Centers, IVT, BLS trainings, seminars, etc...I don't understand why Nurses have to undergo trainings on basic Nursing skills such as IV insertion/administration and Basic Life Support when these skills should have been taught to them way back in College???? Nurses spend more or less 3000 for IVT-(including the 400+ payment for ANSAP) and 5000 or more on BLS trainings..imagine how much money ANSAP makes from IV trainings! To make things worse, Nurses are forced to be volunteers due to lack of job opportunities in Hospitals. These Nurses are doing the same job as the staff Nurses, the only difference is that they are not paid- or they are even the ones paying the Hospital..What a total abuse!!! and I recently watched an interview of the President of the Private Hospital Association of the Philippines-denying that these "Volunteerism" issue exist! Hello! Sir, you must have been living in a cave! Many Nurses (and non-Nurses) can attest to this fact!!! This is how bad the Nursing problem is in our country...people trying to cover up their misdeeds-and obviously the Government does not give a damn about it!!!

    Unless they do something about the Nursing crisis, more and more Nurses will be unemployed or underemployed. More and more people would rather live outside the Philippines than stay in a country that cannot provide even a basic need-such as a decent job to its people....