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hi! i've searched, but haven't come across any threads that fit my situation. please forgive me if i've overlooked something. i am planning a major career change. specifically, i wish to... Read More

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    Where do you want to work? If you’ll work in CA, you can just download their forms from the CA BON’s website and submit the documents that they require. But do not forget the fingerprint requirement as well. You do not need to apply to CGFNS. You don’t need to apply for a license in the Philippines too if you don’t want to prior to taking the NCLEX and it's not a prerequisite anyway. Immigrants are allowed to take the local board in the Philippines (if they wish to) but US Citizens cannot. And since you’re an immigrant, and have an SSN, there shouldn’t be any issues on the release of your actual license by the CA BON. Good luck!
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    thanks a lot guys. about our country, i'm tired of seeing politicians politicking. i will just pray for our country, someday, SOMEDAY... we'll come to our senses.

    one more question, when i graduate here in the philippines, considering that i'm an immigrant, i would only need to provide a particular state's bon my transcript? anybody in particular knows what they require and what particular form i need to fill up?

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