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Just curious how many pinoys are on Please post to this message and please say where you're from and where you are now, if you're studying or already a nurse. And any other info... Read More

  1. by   kuting
    [quote=pinoynp;1958125]is it me or is this thread beginning to sound like the presentation of candidates for a beauty pageant?

    lol @ pinoynp:icon_cheesygrin:

    well nywei.. kuting here!! (meow)from nueva vizcaya and qc..june 2006 rn and very much proud of it! (cuz i know i'm honest...haha), well right now preparing my self for nclex and currently waitin` for my eligibilty.wish me luck!!

    maligayang pasko sa lahat!!
    (merry christmas to all!!) :santa5:

  2. by   mhwa
    :icon_lol: hello fellow rns... i am representing pacita complex san pedro laguna month to go and i will start my rn job in northern california usa, blessing i was accepted in a hospital with no work experience and certificates to show! i started as a tourist visa, now i am just waiting for my california rn license. filipinos still in the philippines, don't lose hope and keep trying to reach the american dream. :xmas_smilies_daz:
  3. by   choco_overload
    hi guys.. am glad i saw this forum.. i'm currently enrolled and hopefully finish my course in 2yrs time.. i stopped during my summer internship several years ago.. i was supposed to be an incoming 4th year student when i stopped and decided to work instead.. hehehe!! i have no regrets though.. am enjoying my classes and am excited to go back inside the OR and ER.. am from pasig....
  4. by   Mayotski
    Mayotski here, currently in Manila. Practicing my chosen profession for 2 and a half years now and hopefully I could process my IELTS application early next year.
  5. by   StarMatrix17
    :roll :roll :roll I'm a Kaplan NCLEX review student now here in Boston. I've been a filipina RN since 2004. Nursing is my passion. Hope you all pray for me! God bless us all!
  6. by   ernbabjr
    yep! ern s here from quezon provine.. but graduated form cavite batch 2006.. mabuhay!
  7. by   kathykaye
    kathykaye here from dasmarias, cavite.. im from batch 2005. i didnt work since i graduated lol! bum for about 1 1/2 yrs lol! (i wonder if anybody here has the same situation as mine? who dont have a work experience yet hehe!) i already took all the exams and luckily passed... i am a certifed RN in IL yipee! i hope and i pray that more visa will be alloted to us so i can be there soon... anyway, He makes all things beautiful in His time... maybe it's not yet the perfect time for me to go there... so while im waiting and retrogression is still an issue, i'd probably apply and work here first to serve my fellowmen... mabuhay!
  8. by   vnightingale06
    Vnightingale06 here from Las Pias City, graduated 5 mos. ago as LVN now working on my RN, working as Home Health nurse.
  9. by   Regina~VAL city
    Regina here from Valenzuela city, graduated and working now in OLFU. I passed all the exams, waiting and praying that more visa will be alloted to us this 1st quarter of 2007...:roll

    to all filipinos who will take up NCLEX exam this january, Goodluck!
  10. by   lavalin
    here goes my intro: "Hola, this is Lavalin representing Mangaldan, Pangasinan. I studied nursing in Fatima Valenzuela. I took up nursing as a 2nd course because I want to help the sick and the poor. TSARING!!

  11. by   michaRN a filipino too graduated 1995..been to singapore and currently in UK.. planning for US.
  12. by   shikimurei
    hi!vhea here nursing grad QC
  13. by   BrainInfarct
    Major Brain Infarct, originally from Manila/tarlac/Pampanga now happily living in the state for lovers, Virginia!

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