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Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses. :specs:... Read More

  1. by   jesjay
    Quote from k-cute
    hi jesjay..where can we submit applicatons for st luke qc as well as st lukes in global city?

    hi! for st luke's global, you have to proceed to cathedral heights building, 16th floor. It's just beside st.lukes hospital. Leave your resume and sign on the logbook. For St. Lukes QC, proceed to the main hospital building. I just can't remember what floor. Goodluck.
  2. by   optimistic,RN
    k-cute My friend told me that you just have to present your BLS ID and IVT card.. I don't know the rest.. maybe you should try...regarding about the St. LUkes Qc.. the HRD is located on 2nd Floor.. beside the elevator.. not sure about it..try asking there..thanks
  3. by   wersfluffyRN
    hey, how do i get to qcgh from, lets say, north edsa? thanks.
  4. by   mikalai
    Quote from burbeestar
    Thanks anyway, I was just recently included at Heart Center's list of 1st priority nurses but would have to wait for several months or even a year or so before my training would begin. Now, I'm searching for other hospitals that offers trainings and eventually absorb their trainees. I've done the computer registration at Medical City, I was fortunate to be referred by our dean at St. Luke's but I was told that we would have to wait 'til December - I'm not sure if I would have to apply on my own since my credentials were already submitted by our dean in that institution. I intend to try at Cardinal Santos and VRPMC - Polymedic since these hospitals are also accessible to my home.

    to cathybedrio: Does QCGH eventually absorb their trainees after they complete the training program? :spin:
    Thanks for the info! I was able to have my duty in qcgh. and as of now they are constructing a new bldg so I'm excited maybe they would be hiring new nurses like me!
  5. by   kikmeister
    Capitol Medical Center along Quezon Avenue is hiring Staff Nurses. Requirements include IV therapy and BLS certification. Also, applicants have to undergo their skills training program, which costs around 2,000 (i think). But will be reimbursed when found suitable and hired. Salary is around 11,000 monthly.
  6. by   burbeestar
    I passed my application last week, do you know the how long will I wait for them to give me a call for the next step? Or are they just accepting applications for manpooling purposes only?
  7. by   optimistic,RN
    kikmeister how did you know that Capitol is currently hiring for nurses? I tried to call them maybe a month ago and they said that they were not accepting new applicants.. thanks for the info..
  8. by   mikalai
    I have to get my IV license fast hahaha man... I hope that I would be able to get a slot for application
  9. by   twisted189
    been to Capitol MEd CEntr last week and yep they are currently hiring.
  10. by   pillilialuis9652
    good luck to everyone jobs are now hard to find these days
  11. by   tomoyo_17
    hi everyone!

    i just wanted to ask if you guys know if the medical city is still open for hiring? and if they are, how do you apply? and where exactly is it?

    plus i hope this helps someone:

    QCGH is near munoz, the street is called seminary road and you have to ride a tryke at the corner of the street or walk (i'd advice walking since you have to pay p.20 for a short ride)

    I just finished my training there... jan-july 2009, you don't get a job right away, if you want to make your chance of making it stick, you have to undergo the elective program, where you continue your training for another 6mos. and the waiting list for that one is sooo long, i still haven't got the chance to sign up for it... though the experience you get from the program is really useful....

    and while on duty, i heard something really discouraging, they have a "list" of people for hiring... names of those on the list are children of employees of the hospital... they're on the list even if they havent gone through the training program... some havent even passed the board exam yet...
  12. by   tron22
    Is anyone have an idea if SLMC and QCGH is hiring.......? tnx...
  13. by   abigaelniu
    to tomoyo17...hi!
    im qualified to take the QCGH exam for trainee dis dec...u said that u already take the training last the exam hard?how many items? and what are the areas of nursing covered?tnx..