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Hi guys! Just want to know if st lukes or med city or cardinal is hiring? Im an rn with almost 3yrs if experience still employed but i want to transfer to a hospital near my place..tnx... Read More

  1. by   Deanerdash
    Quote from jadedme
    No because upon learning about the training fee i didnt listen to the rest of what the lady was sayin. Maybe you can try to contact them. Funny how these so called high end hospitals still ask for training fees.
    Oh I see. Thanks! And by the way, about the training fee, I was really shocked then upon knowing such new policy of Cardinal Santos. Thanks anyway!

    And about the waiting time? I will atest to that! It's really so long! That at this very moment Im not sure if my application status is still active with them and still to be considered for their next training program this year. But upon knowing such new policy of them, I doubt.
  2. by   jadedme
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    yes i did submit my application at metronorth. it is located at mindanao avenue maybe a kilometer away from veterans hospital. just submit your application to the guard and the guard will be the one responsible to give that to the hr.
    Thank you so much. Did you submit your resume only? Is there anything else rhat they need?
  3. by   xyzabcd
    the guard will only ask for resume but i think it is better to include your credentials.. your tor, board rating etc.
  4. by   jadedme
    Thank you so much.
  5. by   nurses_care_2012
    How to go to Metro North Med Center? Thanks!
  6. by   nurses_care_2012
    What are the landmarks?
  7. by   ejRNurse
    is metronorth done now?
  8. by   ejRNurse
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    What are the landmarks?
    go to munoz, ride a bus going to malinta exit (not really sure but i guess i'm right ), it is beside a gas station (Caltex) along mindanao ave. just correct me if i'm wrong. just trying to help.
  9. by   nurses_care_2012
    Thank you!
  10. by   ejRNurse
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    Thank you!
    welcome! goodluck!
  11. by   jazz_08
    gud day, colleagues! i just wanna ask if do you have any updates in metro north medical center? are they starting to contact applicants for their hospital?
  12. by   jazz_08
    Do you have any known hospital that are recently hiring?
  13. by   c_gine
    Hello, just want to know if there is any hospitals hiring staff nurses? Thank you.