DOH launches RN HEALS

  1. I saw this after surfing the net. Press release 01/12/2011

    The Department of Health (DoH) today announced that applications can be filed starting next week, January 17, for its project where unemployed nurses will be deployed to poor communities in the country.

    "the project, billed RN heals, seeks to make essential health services available to all Filipinos by training and deploying 10,000 unemployed nurses in communities to be identified by the DoH in collaboration with the department of social welfare & development (DSWD),"

    Health secretary Enrique Ona said.
    Rn Heals, an acronym for registered nurses for health enhancement and local service, is expected to address the shortage of skilled and experienced nurses in 1,221 rural and unserved or underserved communities for one year.

    "eventually, these nurses will be part of the pool of competent nurses for later employment or absorption in health facilities, thus addressing the inadequate supply of skilled nurses and increasing the nurses' employment rate," the health chief concluded.
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  3. by   trevor05
    That one was an answered prayer!!!
  4. by   andyela
    This is such a GREAT NEWS!!
    Application will start on January 17, 2011.
    Fair compensation rages from P8,000-P10,000 depends on the LGU's additional benefits and allowance.

  5. by   Nurse choi
    I was not able to join the NARS program before and this new program will open a lot of oppurtunities not for all but this gonna be the least that our government can do! hoping to get a slot.
  6. by   LadyMarmalade
    how do i apply online? i can't find the link on the DOLE website
  7. by   Nurse choi
    application online will start from january 17. - feb 4.
  8. by   Matt818
    does the application online start automatically at 12AM of 17 January? or do i have to wait for the usual office hours for me to be able to submit online? If that's the case, I'll just wait until 12 midnight so I can submit asap..thanks!
  9. by   trevor05
    It's an online application, so you can apply anytime..

    I waited till 12am of January 17, just to be sure I am amongst the first ones to have registered online!
  10. by   hazelnutRN
    just submitted my application.. when this program will start?? and whats the duration of the program?
  11. by   Nurse choi
    guys, what's the link? I cant get through in the dole site.
  12. by   AiRN
    hi may i ask where exactly in the dole website is the application for RN HEALS?
  13. by   arciRN
    I can't get through to the dole site... arggghhh
  14. by   jona, RN
    hello.. how will i register?please help..