any good hospital that you can suggest here in manila? - page 5

hi everyone! i'm currently on a dilemma on choosing what hospital to work with..or do i have to consider having training first at Philippine Heart Center, Lung Center of the Philippines and the... Read More

  1. by   stephensonwater
    MMC is accepting applicants for pooling. i think they would be calling those who passed the screening by november.

    in this country of ours, dwelling on the high salary would just leave you mumbling and disappointed. so focus more on having a job and also an experience. for the salary would be compensated when you've earned the latter.

    keep safe! be well!
  2. by   quickwitted04
    hi, im scheduled for exam and interview at phil heart center this sept. 08 can anyone please help me what to expect about the psychological exam? can you please give me tips i reaaly want to work at PHC thanks