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hi!!im also a filipino and im here in the Philippines..just to know some filipino members and to ask tips from them on how they were employed in the currently working as a nurse specialist in... Read More

  1. by   fjellgren
    ahoy, i am not just a filipino...... i am currently working at a skilled nursing facility here in colorado. finished bsn in lorma colleges and did not take the nle but passed the nclex-rn. i thought you are from california based on your personal info at the top of your name.

    well, i will receive my h1-b weeks from now, god-willing, and i am currently on a student visa with employment authorization until april next year.

    that's how i got here.

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  2. by   suzanne4
    Not sure how you are planning to get the H1-B if you are working in a skilled nursing home, suggest that you have a good read on the International Forum, as the H1-B visas are currently being investigated by the US State Dept.

    Working in a nursing home is not considered a specialist, and that is one of the requirements of the H1-B as well. We are expecting to actually see H1-B visas get cancelled as well.

    H1-B visas are only issued once a year and if it was submitted for you in April, then it would not be issued until October, provided that you made it thru the lottery.

    Not sure how a nursing home is sponsoring you for the H1-B and doing it legally. There have been some that have gotten thru because the attorney was not truthful on the documents submitted. I do hope for your sake that this is not the case for you.

    There are essentially no H1-B visas for nurses here, only under special circumstances. And if you have just recently gotten approval to be working here, not sure under what circumstances that you would be approved for the H1-B either.