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  1. I came across this question because I'm trying to find schools that are U.S. American Curriculum. So far, I've found 1 school that offers it; Trinity University of Asia. I'm wondering what other schools do you know that offers American Curriculum BSN in the Philippines. Thanks
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    Any info anyone? Thanks
  4. by   dibuh0
    hehe.. just like the other schools you've researched or been mentioned before here -- pchs, lanting, metropolitan etc. -- the past students from these schools had found no problem applying for nclex-ca even without philippine license
  5. by   CarribRN
    I have not heard anyone from the Philippines who encountered problems applying for NCLEX or CGFNS because of their curriculum. Philippines BSN Curriculum is actually US based in general. Regardless of which school you 'll graduate from, if your from the Philippines, when you get to the US, you'l be considered a Philippine/ Internationally educated nurse.
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    I'm looking for a school that's US curriculum because it only takes 3 years to graduate BSN vs Philippine curriculum, 4 years.
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    Their is no such thing as "US BSN curriculum " in the Philippines educational system. We have one curriculum for the bachelors in Nursing which is a 4 ( 5?)year degree. BTW, US BSN curriculum is also 4 years. The ASN or associate degree is 2 years, but with the pre requisite it usually comes to about 3-4 years.
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    dibuh0 Is this really true because I am planning to attend that school but I am a US citizen who live in the state of CA.
  11. by   steppybay
    Ladies and gentlemen, there are NONE that meets the CA BON requirements, I don't care if you're from the top 5 colleges, I have friends who went and ALL have been denied their ATT in CA after now applying as the past years graduates (some were just lazy to apply, some had family reasons to wait, money issues, etc).

    BUT but now supposely, the CHED, PRC and PNA all "adjusted the curriculums" to meet the State's minimum requirements just recently, so it's too early to tell if that's really the case, unless you can verify with 100% assurance from NOT the school's themselves but from known successful students who did get their ATT approved.

    Not just one person but at least a few to make sure that student didn't get just lucky. That's going to be what should determine you go to that school, regardless of the cost or location in PH, if you attend the wrong school, you will have WASTED the money and your 4 years for nothing to show.

    Just READ the ALL the threads here in these forums, READ and re-read before asking more questions, so that you'll be more informed, don't try to take a short-cut, read first, it wlll take hours if not a day or two.
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    Arellano University Transnational Nursing Program offers a US BSN curriculum in partnership with Alderson Broaddeus University in West Virginia.
    You can check their website.
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