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Hi! I am curious where everyone goes or went to school in Canada?! I go to UCFV in B.C. Let me know! :D... Read More

  1. by   RNBN2B
    University of Calgary, Bachelor of Nursing (Accelerated Track), RNBN2B June 2005!
  2. by   odie
    I am in year two of the Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan. Looking to chat with grad's and students enrolled in the program.
  3. by   racingfan
    St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S.
    I am enrolled in a post science degree, accelerated B.Sc.N. (20 month program). My class of 15 started in April 03 and we are the first class to take this route at St.F.X. There are a lot of wrinkles to be ironed out but things are starting to get better....it is great to be able to take all of our nursing courses in a concentrated pattern...we will be graduating in Dec 04
  4. by   Heartattaq
    I am finish in May and am attending the COnfederation College program in Thunder Bay, ON.
  5. by   St. F.X. stu
    St. F.X Univ in Nova Scotia
  6. by   Osskar
    first one to post from vancouver island it looks like.
    did my first year at camosun, then move to North Island College and i am just half way done my 2nd year, in semester 4 almost half way...


    ... where is the spell check
  7. by   nessy
    I'm at Douglas College.
  8. by   bigred
    Durham College, Oshawa, Ont., 1977.
  9. by   trent
    I'm in the Trent University/Fleming College collaborative program. It's the only collaborative program in Ontario where you attend both the university and the college at the same time - YAY!
  10. by   LittleFoxy
    I currently atten Grant MacEwan College and then will transfer to the U of A in Edmonton, Alberta
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  11. by   luilui_604
    HIIIIII EVERYONE! this is my very first post in a forum!! I'm in the second to the last semester of my preceptorship at University of Victoria (but in the lower mainland campus, which is situated at Langara). I'll be graduating soon in August 2004!! WAAAAAHOOOOO =) VANCOUVER ROCKS ^_~
  12. by   TexasNS
    San Antonio College in TX
  13. by   TX_RN_CAPA
    Graduated from Durham College (Oshawa, ON) in 1986. Now in the Distance BScN program at St. FX in Nova Scotia - only 9 more hours to go!!