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Hi Is there anyone from the UK planning to go to Alberta or any other province in Canada? I had a job offer from one of the hospitals in Calgary while i was on holiday there. The hospital... Read More

  1. by   madwife2002
    I agree it is hard to express how hard you work and I am sure it is difficult for the UK nurses sometimes to comprehend how we work hard when we have a smaller nurse pt ratio. Somedays I work so hard I cannot believe it would be possible to say that when I only have 4 pts. Then I realise these pts go for multiple tests in a day, you have to do bucketfuls of paperwork, phone the docs a trillion times. Deal with sometimes up to 7 doctors a day for one pt and each doctor makes new orders which have to be carried out. Then they order blood, multiple IV's conflicting times, multiple pain meds and you must never ever miss one thing LOL
  2. by   RGN1
    Yes, nursing is busy, busy for sure, wherever you are!
  3. by   cocoy2go
    Hi Rebecca

    Good to hear from you. Thanks for the PMs about the money aspect. Your advice is well appreciated by both of us.
    I am just inquiring about the uniform...I saw all the nurses wearing scrubs and trainers. I could not tell who is who there in the unit. Did you buy yours in Calgary or did they tell you where to go and get it?

    I may buy the trainers here but i just want to know from you in case its the wrong pair. Do they have to be white pair of trainers? I hate trainers but if that the dressing be it.

    You mention that you finished at 11:30 pm so i assumed that you drive there. How easy to get a driving licence ...I got my UK paper one changed to a photo there any special form I need to fill to get a driving licence in Calgary.

    I have handed my notice as from today. Its 8 week notice for me as I am Band 6 or Charge Nurse as we used to be called. I am starting to feel resentment from my ward manager. She cancelled my study day as she said that as I am leaving it wont benefit the ward so no study day for me. Shame you have given them 13 years of your life then you cant even get 7.5 hours as a study day. Thats another story...

    You take care ...Bye for now

  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Generally speaking, unless you're working in the OR or on OB, most nurses wear either their own scrubs or those provided by the hospital. You can buy scrubs in a lot of places and the prices vary from inexpensive to very pricy. One of the managers in our unit wears Baby Phat scrubs, that run about $75 a uniform, right down to the gold embroidery. For more practical people, you can get scrubs at WalMart, Mark's Work Wearhouse (they have a discount for employees of health regions), Sears, specialty uniform stores and online. I have a variety of tops with cartoon characters on them, some with flowers, some solid colours and some with geometric patterns. As for trainers (here we call them running shoes) you can probably wear whatever kind of shoes you're most comfortable in, in whatever colour you want. I'd stay away from Crocs though because some hospitals have banned them.
  5. by   RGN1
    Jan's nicely answered the scrubs question - I have got most of mine from Marks (where I also picked up my very comfortable shoes) but I did get one set from a small shop right near the hospital - for halloween wear! Well, I was working the evening :-) Jan is also correct about no shoe code - whatever you're comfortable in!

    It is difficult to tell whose who but I have found that its nurses who tend to wear the patterns! I don't think people here realise that we find it so strange because we're just so used to unifroms in the UK!

    As for your driving license you just pay $30 in person at your nearest registry here (there are hundreds of them) & they take your UK license & issue you with an Alberta one - it takes a few minutes!

    To start you have to park at the children's hospital & they shuttle you in on a free bus to FMC. However, evenings & weekends you can park on site. It costs $32 per month for that. I think the waiting list for on-site parking is 5 years! It's more expensive too.

    Don't worry about the study day, it won't matter anyway! Once you get used to things here I think you'll be happy, I know I am!