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  1. I am a BSN student in British Columbia and I am very interested in working in public health once I graduate. I know this may take some time to achieve, but I want to start preparing myself now. I would love any & all advice regarding how to best set myself up for a job in the public health field. What extra courses should I take? Should I search for a particular summer job? Any advice in general?

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   joanna73
    There aren't really extra courses you can take, although my program offered a community mental health nursing course in year 4.

    If you're interested in public health, ask your advisor for community nursing placements. Also, some clinics will hire nursing students in year 4 who are close to graduating.
  4. by   babyfriendly
    If you want to work with mothers & children in PH then the Douglas College Breastfeeding Counsellor course would be very helpful.
  5. by   dishes
    Have you searched the public health nurse job postings? What qualifications are preferred?Are employers looking for nurses with community based experience? Nurses with experience working with people who are homeless? Experience working with youth, children or families? Reading job postings can give candidates an overview of the type of experience required to be considered for a position.
  6. by   wonderwoman92
    Hi OP,

    I recently had a conversation with some PHNs and they told me that sometimes it's easier to gain a temp immunization position within public health and then it may be easier to transfer to a PHN position. This applies to school nurses or child health clinics. Hope this helps.
  7. by   Hockeynursing
    I worked as a PHN in BC right out of school. There are courses you can definitely take including Douglas breastfeeding course as already recommended. Doing your bccdc immunization course. And if you have an interest in youth- bcit offers certified practice courses in STI and contraceptive management.