Nursing jobs in Ontario affected by Doug Ford's hiring freeze

  1. Ontario's Doug Ford orders hiring freeze for public servants

    In Ontario, the public sector is made up of any job that receives funding from the provincial government. That includes a lot of services and infrastructure we rely on every day. The following jobs will all be affected by the hiring freeze:

    • Universities and Colleges: This includes both professors and any administrative staff the secondary schools employ
    • Crown Agencies: These are any government-funded research facilities and some museums such as the ROM
    • The Government of Ontario: The government itself is in the public sector, meaning there is a freeze on hiring aids, legislative workers, and any other official provincial position
    • Hospitals: This is a big one as it will affect hospital administration but also doctors and nurses
    • Municipalities: A lot of municipalities receive funding from the province so any municipal workers and services may also be affected by the freeze
    • Ontario Power Sector: While Hydro was big in the news for being privatized they are still owned in part by the province and therefore fall under the private sector
    • School Boards: This is another big one as it involves school board administration but also both public elementary and high school teachers all over Ontario


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    Doug Ford Says These 2 Industries In Ontario Will Be Exempt From His Hiring Freeze - Narcity

    According to this article, nurses are exempt from this hiring freeze, I hope it's true!