Mandatory training for starting work in Ontario

  1. Dear All,
    I am an experienced locum intensive care UK RN, Planning to go to Ontario for family reasons. I got my CNO reg last month.
    Please advice me:
    What are the mandatory training, courses or requirements that hospitals in Ontario generally request.
    I dont mind relocating to far areas. Is there any chance for me to start looking for a locum (travel nurse/ per diem job), or do I have to look for full time substansive job. One of the things I like about locum is the travel n family commitments.
    Thx for the advice
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  3. by   vintage_RN
    Usually you have to have minimum of BCLS (health-care provider level) which is usually the only requirement, unless a specialty area that requires an additional certificate/courses. The requirements for the job will be listed in the job posting.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Personally until used to how Canada Nursing differs from U.K. I would concentrate on getting experience first before looking at travel nursing