Jobs for new graduate in BC (e.g. Victoria, Nelson)?

  1. Hi everyone. I've just graduated an RN program in Ontario, but I've always wanted to move to BC, and I'm wondering what the job market is like in BC right now. I've read several other threads in which students have been struggling to find work there, but I wonder if its any worse than in Ontario (its not so good in Ontario either right now). Two places I've really fell in love with in BC are Victoria and Nelson. I know they are very different places, but they are both truly amazing places to live in my opinion. Anyways, I'm interested in working Med-Surg and/or mental health. Any advice on what the market is like in BC for new grads, is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   cocoetco

    I'm in essentially the same situation - graduating in Ontario, wanting to move back to BC. Did you go to Nelson? I would love to live there but I'm worried about getting a job as a new grad...
  4. by   forestmaiden
    I'm a new graduate living in Victoria (did my nursing school here) and I can't find a job, I am currently unemployed after graduating over a month ago, the job market is terrible here right now
  5. by   joanna73
    BC prefers to hire locals also. There is some RN work in rural AB....I see postings in small towns....but aside from that, jobs are scarce. I left ON in January for this reason. You really have to be willing to go where the job is these days.
  6. by   orangecampino
    The job market for new grads in BC is not very good right now, to be honest. Most new grads seem to get hired into positions on the unit that they did their final preceptorship in. But you never know - you could get lucky! I'd suggest talking to a recruiter from the health authorities that you're interested in ( and, as well as checking the job postings religiously! I hear ya on wanting to move to Victoria - that's where I'm hoping to end up, too! Good luck.
  7. by   Fiona59
    I wouldn't hold my breath on VIHA. I lived on VI a couple of years ago. Their hiring process moved slower than a snail and ultimately, they prefer to hire their own new grads or local nurses before hiring experienced from out of province.
  8. by   LOTR_fan
    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your replies. Some of you mentioned it was difficult finding a job in victoria. That was a year ago...i heard it is now easier to get a position there. I wouls be interested to know from those of you who work in victoria what you think?
  9. by   silentdivide
    I work in Victoria--casual RN on a few floors. I graduated from UVic. From what I've seen, this is a highly competitive place to find a job as an outsider...because there are a lot of nurses wishing to relocate her from the rest of Canada. And what was already said about the hiring process being's true; it's HORRIBLY slow here to get the ball rolling. Could take you 6 months to two years to get fully hired as a casual, IMO (as an outsider). VIHA just hired over 150 new grads (from the local uni) in April. And they will be doing the same thing again next year. It's their new grad initiative to retain their own grads. Honestly, no offense but good luck... :-(
  10. by   joanna73
    Wow. I've always heard that it's a challenge to be hired in BC, especially now with this economy. I'm not surprised though, since the economy hasn't improved all that much in the last 4 years, especially in BC and Ontario.
  11. by   LOTR_fan
    Thanks for your replies Silentdivide and joanna73!

    Yes I can definitely see why people want to move to BC, and why it would be competitive to get a position there. I do have two years of experience on a medical floor, but I won't hold my breath. Why didn't I go to UVIC for my nursing degree...sigh
  12. by   joanna73
    If you were interested in moving west, you could probably find work in AB, Sask, MB, but part time to start.
  13. by   natalia13
    Ya I'm out lookin in Yukon and all of Canada. I competed my RPN and OR course in Ontario and now looking for work... I'm just not very sure how my CNO license will work in other provinces?
  14. by   joanna73
    You will need to apply for and be licensed in every Province you want to work, at least for the first year. The CNO will send your registration information directly to the Province you are applying for licensure, for a fee of around 30 dollars. You will need to pay the going rate for whichever Province you want to be licensed. It gets costly.