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  1. Hi,

    Recent new graduate RN here.

    I have read posts on this site with regards to trying to land the interview (i.e. visiting units, calling managers etc). For those of you who have applied the online route, how long on average did you expect to hear back after applying?

    I feel like I've tried everything (visiting units, calling managers, applying online.. etc) but have yet to receive one interview! I am trying to be patient but I honestly feel like connections are the only way to get hired these days.

    Toronto, ON
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  3. by   Coldsvt
    It takes time...

    On a few occasions i had a callback and interview within a week, other times it was several weeks before i heard anything. It is out of your control however, sometimes it doesnt hurt to call and make sure they got your info
  4. by   bintdee
    Thanks for your comment.

    Do you mean after the deadline or after you applied?
  5. by   Coldsvt
    After i applied. One place took two months to call me lol...ironically i accepted that job

    A couple called for an interview and never sent me an email or called after i interviewed...i was like atleast call to tell me i suck lol
  6. by   bintdee
    It's nice to hear that they called back even after 2 months. I guess patience it is!

    I wouldn't mind doing some interviews even if I don't get a call back for the experience :P

    Thanks again
  7. by   middleagednurse
    FYI: 95% of the time you will not get a response from interviewers. Basically no news is bad news.
  8. by   joanna73
    The job market in the GTA is completely saturated and has been for years. Is it possible to relocate? Try the small towns and cities if possible.

    Also, how many resumes have you sent out? The average length of time is 6-9 months.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Since you are located in Toronto, we have moved your thread to our Canadian Nursing forum. This question requires the insight of nurses who live and work in Canada. Good luck to you.
  10. by   rjones416
    I think it comes down to connections too. Applying online when there's probably hundreds of other applicants seems like such a waste of time.
  11. by   loriangel14
    Quote from rjones416
    I think it comes down to connections too. Applying online when there's probably hundreds of other applicants seems like such a waste of time.
    Where I work they only accept online applications. If you show up in person or call about a job you will get told to apply online.
  12. by   joanna73
    The online applications are not a waste of time, as there is a process because of union requirements.

    Internal applicants are given priority and the only way to keep track is through the online system. Employees can and do file grievances if they learn that an external applicant was chosen without supporting rationale and documentation.

    Connections can inform you when a posting is going up, but that's about all they can do.
  13. by   dishes
    Ontario's provincial debt is almost $300 billion dollars and in order for hospitals to stay in budget, they do not plan to replace all of the nursing staff that quit or retire within the 2016-2017 fiscal year.
  14. by   joanna73
    Same in AB, especially since oil has tanked. Where I work, at least 5 nurses that I know of are retiring within 2 months of each other. None of those positions are going to be replaced. Someone else will absorb the work.