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Hi there, I am originally a nurse from the united states, a year ago I moved to Montreal where I work in one of the English operating hospitals. I have worked here for over a year a have had a... Read More

  1. by   adzem08
    Good for you!!
  2. by   isla88
    Hi @adzem08! I am interested in moving to Montreal to work and work as a nurse. I was wondering what is the process from being an Ontario RN to work in Montreal. Also, what hospitals do you recommend looking into for an anglophone with intermediate level of french. Thank you for any insight.
  3. by   tosca rose
    Hi nice post.. I'm in Montreal processing my oilq, may I know which province did you moved to? Thanks
  4. by   tosca rose
    Quote from Fiona59
    Well from the structure of your post, English isn't your first language.

    Nursing positions in any metropolitan area are hard to find. From what you said in your previous post you don't have a full practice permit. So no movement across the nation isn't going to be easy.
    Kindly read just4 post, she was able to move to other province without full time license.
  5. by   Albina07
    Hello ! I was wondering which is he beat hospital and units for anglophones in Montreal ? Also I'm moving from a different province so i was wondering what is the best way to start the work process . I am aware of the French exam but also the fact that I can start working with a temporary listence. Thank you