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I always look for the funny side of things especially as I mostly work in Psych and Sub Abuse. 

What happens on your floors? Or even every day life? 



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I work in an ER. There’s always funny stuff going on. You never know what’s going to come out of people’s mouths. I think one of the funniest things that’s ever happened to me actually happened after shift though. I had to run to the grocery store before going home. I had my nurse hat on and scrubs (hate going anywhere with all that on by the way but my stop was urgent) and a lady approached me. She kind of seemed panicked. She said, “Are you a nurse?” I thought about my answer for a second and then looked at her body language and face and said, “Yes. Are you okay?” She said, “Oh I think so, but I’ve got this spot right here that I need you to look at.” Before I could utter another word, a breast was out and in my eyes!! With a huge abscess! Right there in the grocery store!! I said, “Ma’am. Okay. I saw it. Cover yourself back up. It’s okay. Go see your doctor, or get that looked at by someone as soon as you can. It needs to be treated.” She was so grateful and happy and walked away. I’m left there in the medication isle, mortified and still trying to process what just happened. I eventually got back to my car, thought about it, and just laughed. What else can you do? Hahaha!! ?‍♀️


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For the bill that passed today ????



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Just thought it was seriously funny ??????



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It isn't just the nurses who use humor to deal with something difficult. My first job was at MGH on a "fresh" Spinal Cord Injury Unit. The ward (room) had four male patients: three paraplegics and a quadriplegic. They were talking about how they would like to have a penile transplant above their level of injury so they could still enjoy sex. Not tucking in their shirt would keep their penis hidden. After a moment, the quad thoughtfully remarked, "But then I'd have to wear a necktie all the time."

We all laughed until we cried. It was the quad's , wistfully dry tone of voice that caused such a hysterical moment. Maybe you had to be there, but as Larry the Cable Guy used to say, "I don't care who you are, THAT'S funny."

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When I was doing home-health visits on the weekends, I encountered ALL. kinds! I had to see a patient who had an open abdominal wound , to be packed and redressed twice a day. When I went into her bedroom and set up to do the dressing, there was an audience several of varying aged family members. The best one was when this woman's little 5 year old grandson sidled up beside me, wrestling to get on a large pair of gloves. Staring at the wide wound as I was removing previous packing he said, "I, I want to put my hands in the blood, too!"

I had to laugh! I said, "Kid, you're going into my book!"

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Dull shift? (yuh, right) Here's a contest for anyone to participate in, to liven things up: 

Pat the top of your head, rub your stomach counter-clockwise, and repeat: "Rubber Baby-Buggy Bumper" over and over, as fast as you can. Or if that's too easy for you, do it while hopping up and down on one leg. Another tongue-twister to try: "I slit a sheet, a sheet I slit, Upon the slitted sheet I sit."

So, maybe this isn't Nursing Humor, and it may not even be Humor, period. But it's just that not only am I retired, but I am terribly, awfully bored tonight. 😵


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Lo, alas + alack, during the previous several months since the last post, there is apparently NO humor in nursing these days.  *sigh*

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Sometimes I'm amazed at the stuff that comes out of my mouth. Case in point: I told my patient to take off his feet and hop up on the bed. He and his wife burst into laughter as he bent down and removed his artificial foot!

I guess it was the look on my face.

Only then did I realize that I had not said. "Take off your shoes . . ."


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