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I'm in nursing school(LPN). We were doing catheters and my teacher came in accusing someone of stealing her penis!!! She keeps it in her desk draw!!:p


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Gotta love it!!

Some years ago, at a conference, some group was giving away free condoms, etc. and one nurse joined our group in the bar, fresh from raiding the freebie area. She was so pleased at obtaining a plastic "penis" for demonstrations on how to apply the condoms. As it was being passed around, amid the usual remarks, someone dropped it!

"Careful!" she shouted, "That's a teaching tool!"

She still didn't get what she had said as we all rolled around, biting the carpet!:rolleyes:


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know that too!

I bought a plastic penis for nursingschool, to show how to put on condoms (btw we call the "parisiens"), now this (huge one!!) came in a very nice black case.

So I went home, and my mil visited us and saw that little black case and said, hey that's a good size for a one night stay!

Well, I couldn't hold back and said, well open it and you'll see how right you are!

I still remember her face, after opening the case, but the best thing was her comment........... wellllll, I think this is good for at least two nights!!

I couldn't see my own face, but I know we laughed about it the whole evening!

(btw, my mil is a retired RN:D )

Take care, Renee


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I recently read this joke from an internet joke site.. Made me smile..hope you have a giggle too!!


There was a priest who went into the country to

pay a visit to a 92-year-old church member. She

welcomed him into the parlor. While she made tea,

he looked around and saw a beautiful oak pump organ

with a cut glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl

was half filled with water and a condom was floating

on top of it. He dare not say anything.

After tea, curiosity got the best of him and the priest

asked her about it.

She replied, "While in town I found a little foil package

on the sidewalk and took it home. The directions on

the back said 'keep wet and put on your organ to prevent

disease.' And you know, think it works! I haven't had a

cold all winter."


Love this site!!

Joy and Smiles *DARLA**


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I'm sorry...I took the penis

night owl

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I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW IT WAS YOU!! I was just waiting for you to admit it............You sneaky little devil you..........;)


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but I'm giving it back..........................................tomorrow:rolleyes:

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