Why must I feel like a long term care resident?

  1. The horny old men are obsessed with me! Why ME!!! I am like the ugliest ****** that works there and still I find that the only thing they live for is to pinch my boobs. I must tell them "Sir," (or ma'am) "that is unnapropriate behaviour, please let go."

    But while I am at a PARTY with people my OWN AGE where that would be appropriate behavior ant it would be rather nice to have some one grab my boobs or any other forbidden part of my body, the hot guys wont even look at me!!! infact there telling ME to "let go, that is inapropriate behavior"

    When a psych resident takes their shirt off and runs down the hall way topless. "I say put that back on please" and when I am at the swiming pool and my jug pops out of my baithing suit they say "Oh my GOD!!!! please put that back on."

    Ok, so I felt like trying to write something funny. your saposed to laugh now.
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  3. by   spineCNOR

    For what it's worth I have the same problem--the only men that seem to find me attractive are either over 80 years old or have blood alcohol levels over 300!!!!
  4. by   cmggriff
    Yeah, I can relate. Tonight I had a 300 lb senior citizen (was a playmate of Thomas Jefferson) wanting me to give her a little kiss. But the oh so hot 29 yo won't even let me take her BP. I may have to start working out. G
  5. by   adrienurse
    For some reason, the only men who dig me are over the age of 75.
  6. by   Mama Val
    Don't feel so bad I have the town child molester asking me out.
    Happily I told him not no but.... HELL NO, guess he didn't like it when I refused to wear the schoolgirl outfit, suck my thumb and carry a teddy bear.
    Why can't I attract a normal straight guy....WHYYYYYY???????
    Ok, I'm done crying now (sniff, sniff)
  7. by   caroladybelle
    All the men I attract are gays (?), alcoholics and workoholics, cops or the military (Daddy was a police officer after retiring from the Navy - not interested in that life, Thank You) or combinations of the above.
  8. by   Andy S.
    Got to love it when the sweet little old lady or little old man state "I have a grandson about your age.......he's single" and then invite them to come and visit them in the hospital. LOL, so not fun.

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