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My ultimate funny was when I jumped up on a stretcher with a blanket over myself and waited for the nurse to come on night shift. she near had a heart attack!!:roll... Read More

  1. by   Sodie
    These are really funny !! i have two stories I want to tell !!
    One evening we had a patient die. She had been ill for a while. When doing post mortem care, another nurse and myself turned the patient. When we turned her, her handhit my leg. It felt like she grabbeb me. I screamed sooooo loud. After we realized what had happened, we were both laughing so hard that we were in tears.

    Another incident that happened involved a doctor that some people try to avoid. I have always had a good doctor-nurse professional relationship with him. Apparently, he used to throw things and loose his temper quickly (from what I have been told). People say that he has mellowed over the years. Anyway, one day he came to the nursing unit with a big cup of coffee. he saw his patient and wrote orders. He has a habit of searching the station for a nurse and calling the nurse out by name that he wants. Well, on this day, he called me. As I came over to review his orders, he handed me the chart. While giving the chart to me, he suddenly decides to pick up his huge (full) cup of coffee. Somehow, between me and him, the chart collided with the coffee. The coffee cup drops to the floor and sprays up like a volcano. He had coffee down the sleeve of his coat, in his hair, all over his glasses- everywhere !!! The secretary tured around and saw him. She exclaims "Dr. H" oh my Lord !!! We grab paper towels and began patting off his coat and all as he just stands there!! I asked him if he was okay (of course I am about to die laughing, but so far I have held it in) He said he was fine and wanted to know if I was okay. I was dressed in white and did not have any coffee on me !!! When I looked into his face, his mustach was dripping. At that point I turned around and walked away (unable to hold it in any longer). I went to a patients room and wrapped in the curtain and laughed, and laughed and laughed !!! When I had it out of my system, I came out of the room. He was coming down the hall, wiping his glasses. He says "Thanks Tabitha" ! In all my years nursing, I swear this is the funniest moment.
  2. by   Sodie
    Another story I hadve been told is that on one April Fool's day, all the employees in the cath lab came to work and hid around the corner in the lounge. One by one they called in sick to work. After freaking the manager out they came out of the break room laughing at her !!
  3. by   nurse51rn
    Thanks everyone...I really needed these laughs.
  4. by   PsychoRN
    I was working night shift on a psych unit and decided to have some fun with the oncoming day shift. We only had two patients on the six bed unit and I thought we needed to have a full house for the day shift. So I stuffed the 4 empty beds to make it look like they were occupied, made up charts for these "patients", put patient names on the empty med drawers, added these "patients" to the assignment board, etc.

    When day shift came on I preceded to give report on the 4 fake patients to the whole multidisplinary team which included the psychiatrist. At the time we only had one permanent psychiatrist and used locums to help him out. In report the psychiatrist wanted to know how come he wasn't called during the night for admit orders. I told him that a new locum had just come into town during the night and he came in to check out the unit. Since he was here he went ahead and wrote the admit orders. Since we frequently had locums coming and going the permanent psychiatrist didn't think anything was out of the ordinary about that.

    I went on to give a detailed report on the 4 "patients" while some how being able to keep a straight face. Meanwhile the psych aid I had worked with during the night is outside the report room door listening to me and laughing so hard she was about ready to wet her pants! After report I spent around 10 minutes getting ready to go home. Then just as I was ready to go out the door I told the day shift "oh by the way I was just kidding, we really didn't get any admits during the night." Everyones jaw dropped to the floor and they couldn't believe that these "patients" actually didn't exist because I had given such a believable report on them!
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  5. by   CAprisonRN
    I work in a male correctional institution and one time this inmate was frantically trying to get my attention. He kept yelling, "Nurse, nurse! I haven't seen you before, who are you?" I ignored him for as long as I could, but he kept yelling louder, so I quietly took 2 coworkers aside that were working in the same area and asked them to pretend I wasn't there. They looked at me funny but agreed to it, then I walked over to the inmate's cell and asked him what all the fuss was about. He again asked who I was and why he had not seen me before. I told him that I was a figment of his imagination and that he was hallucinating! Then I pointed at my 2 coworkers (who were ignoring me as I asked) and asked the inmate how come they could not see me but he could. Then I told him he shouldn't be doing drugs because there's no telling what's in them! The inmate laughed and said, "You ain't right" so I looked at him in mock confusion and said, "What do you mean I ain't right? You're the one hallucinating!"
  6. by   indynurse
    One Christmas, we had a "pt" who had delivered, but had not yet been transferred up to our PP unit at shift change. We told the oncoming shift that we had report from L&D and the pt should be up shortly. The pt's name was Mary and she had a baby boy. She was 15 and unmarried, but her SO, Joseph, was with her. they were travelling when Mary went into labor. They weren't from around here and have some different customs. One was allowing sheep in the delivery room. We had no idea why L&D allowed them in in the first place, but they were there and the L&D room was starting to smell a little funky. Also, her visitors were a little "unique". There were these three wise guys down there insisting on seeing the baby....
    We really had the next shift in a tizzy. You would think they would have been wise to the sheep part. They just weren't getting it. We gave them several updates during report and as we were getting our coats and purses, I mentioned that the three wise guys brought some rather unusual gifts for a baby. Then they finally got it. We couldn't believe it went on so long before they figured it out and every time we gave a new update and they still didn't figure it out, I thought we would all die trying to keep from bursting out laughing.
  7. by   monkijr
    Originally posted by tmatekwa
    I once found a Doctor going through the linen store. When I asked him what he needed, he ignored me, so I locked him inside the store and threw away the key. It took the capenter two hours to breake the lock and free the Doctor.

    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle ::chuckle :
    I loved all the stories, but this was my favorite. thanks for sharing.
  8. by   zudy
    My last pregnancy, I was due on April 15. On April Fool's day, I was huge. I wore a enormous materity dress to work that day, and would hold a glass of water in the folds. i waited till I would get a new " victum" ,grabbed my abdomen, groan, and toss the water on the floor between my feet. The looks on people's faces!!:roll I laughed so hard I thought I WOULD go into labor!!Alas, no baby untill April 23.
  9. by   RNIAM

    :roll so funny!!!