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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   Regina66
    These are really gross..
    Mine happened one day at the Nursing Home I was working at as a CNA. I set out trays in the dining area one table at a time. I was almost finished when I heard the people at the table across the room saying, "EWWWWWW". (FYI..when you hear these people saying EWWWWW you better brace yourself!) A lady had vomited into her plate. She spit out her false teeth in the process. She calmly picked up her teeth sucked them clean and started eating again...gross!!!
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    My latest poop story is pretty mild compared with the last several posts, but it was rather amusing.........

    Yesterday I admitted a 49-year-old woman for, of all things, bowel obstruction. Or as our hospitalists like to call it, obstipation :chuckle
    She hadn't had a BM in 13 days---on lots of narcotics and psych meds, unfortunately with little fluid intake thanks to Roux-en-Y surgery in 2002. (She lost over 130# and is now a size 4.....hmmmmmmm........) Anyway, in addition to being rather an anxious, flighty sort, she felt totally miserable, and her poor little belly was so distended I was almost afraid to touch my stethoscope to it to listen for bowel tones. So of course the MD ordered soap-suds enemas Q 4 hours, GoLytely (which may take her about a month to finish at the rate she was sipping it), Dulcolax, the FOS regimen.

    Well, I hadn't given an old-fashioned SSE since my nursing-home days, and with an A&O patient you can't really fake things, so I told the patient flat out, "Look, I'm sorry but I've got to do this, it won't be pleasant for either of us, but we'll get through it together." At least I remembered to use warm water and plenty of chux pads......well, no sooner had I inserted two inches of tubing when I ran into a block of hard-as-rock, firmly impacted stool, and she jumped so high I thought I'd have to scrape her off the ceiling. Then there was the matter of instilling the fluid itself: she couldn't tolerate more than a few cc's at a time, so it took over 20 minutes just to get half the solution in. This was, of course, at the end of the shift.......here I was supposed to be at report, and instead I was trying to get this stupid enema in before my back broke in two at the waist line.

    Then, about two minutes after I finally gave up, the patient yelled, "Oh, I've gotta go NOW!!!" I helped her out of bed, she hit the floor running---literally---and let go with a huge "PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!" Three egg-sized poops landed on the floor, along with a healthy amount of loose watery stool that had been oozing around the obstructions.

    Now, based on her behaviors earlier in the shift I would have thought she'd have been embarrassed, but this gal started pumping her fist and going "YESSSSSSSSS!" Then she threw her arms around me and hugged me for dear life, thanking me profusely for delivering her from "two weeks of Hell"!
    Even her husband, who had remained in the room through this whole ordeal, was filled with gratitude: "Oh, Cindy, look at all the poop!! thank you so much, Nurse, you've saved the day!!"

    Well, by this time I was getting embarrassed, so I made an excuse about needing to page Housekeeping. When I finally left for the evening, I could hear, all the way down the hall, that she was evidently experiencing more success as I heard her spouse calling to her through the door, "How big is THIS one?" :chuckle You'd have thought they were having a baby.
  3. by   ERNurse752
    mjlrn, they should name one of them after you.
  4. by   boulergirl

    These are really gross..
    Mine happened one day at the Nursing Home I was working at as a CNA. I set out trays in the dining area one table at a time. I was almost finished when I heard the people at the table across the room saying, "EWWWWWW". (FYI..when you hear these people saying EWWWWW you better brace yourself!) A lady had vomited into her plate. She spit out her false teeth in the process. She calmly picked up her teeth sucked them clean and started eating again...gross!!!
    Oh, nasty.
  5. by   ILpsychnurse
    OK I was a new employee at a facility and on the first day of the job, they send me in to cath this lady. She was extreeemly obese. Around 55o or more. So I walk in the room where she is laying on the bed with nothing on, not even a blanket except covering her feet. Her breasts have "slid" too the side and I am confused at how on earth she is what I think, laying there looking at me with her neck twisted and her behind up in the air. I inform her I need her to roll onto her back so that I may place the cath in her. She informs me she IS on her back. What I was seeing wasn't her big ol behind, it was her labia!!!! oh yuck! It actually took four 3 nurses to place a cath in her----one on each side to "hold" and one to place the cath in!!!! EEEEEEEWWWWWW!
  6. by   studious
    Quote from KaraLea
    In other words my allnurses sisters, PLEASE get your mammograms and yearly exams as well as self breast exams. I would hate to loose any of you in this way. And for our allnurses brothers...don't think you can get off easily. You get your prostate exams as ordered PLEASE!!!!
    And ensure you inspect the coconuts once in a while.
  7. by   studious
    My all time fav, was when I worked in a longterm ward with dementia patients. This day I took an elderly lady to the bathroom, not thinking anything of it, normal duty. Until it came time to attend to her, she had this blue thing sticking out from her anal region. I wondered what on earth it was. So, you know what it's like, a wee gentle prod here and there. Then it hit me like a bolt, and I started to pull. It was a blue plastic apron she had had on at some point to eat her meal, and it was whole. When she ate it could be anyones guess, but thank god she didn't obstruct.
  8. by   TDub
    I was out on hospice rounds and pronounced a patient. I asked the family if there was anything I could help them with before the funeral home arrived. They asked me to put on her nightgown. (She was wearing a tracksuit) The daughter put her bare hands on her mother, so I figured she was clean and dry.

    Arrgh! I went to turn her and she had an open fissure in her back from her kidney and it was leaking pus! I thought I would faint. I scrubbed the best I could, but I had to drive home with the steering wheel wrapped in newpaper because my hands smelled like death/infection/corruption. I couldn't eat for hours. Blarg.
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  9. by   girlnurse83
    Quote from Adam D. RN2005
    This is my almost my most gross and yucky nursing horror story. A few days ago, another tech and I along with a nurse were helping get a pt off the pan and the other tech held the pan right above my head. As I went to stand up, my head hit the pan and almost spilled the contents of urine and a rather large BM onto my head. I hate to think what Iwould have done if it fell on my head. Thank god this is an almost story, and not a real one.

    174 days til graduation
    I think that I would have had to shave my head!
  10. by   alaskagirl
    I was working on a Med/Surg floor and this poor little lady came in from the nursing home. Her abd looked like she was about 12 months preg. Hard as a rock. We called a GI Doc and of course he had us do all the usual things for contipation. Well she never got any better so the next day he can in to see her and of course I was her nurse again so I went in to assist. He gloved up and lubbed up and then started to proceed with a rectal exam. As soon as he inserted his finger into her rectum, feces srayed all the way to the door and on his nice JCrew pants. Well the woman was not with it at all, had no clue of what had just happened. Of couse I was on the other side holding her over so I was free and clear. Well all of a sudden the DOC shouted "Well great now I have S#$T all over me" I was rolling, could not stop laughing. So was revenge he said that her rectal opening was not big enough to let her deficate so I had to insert a rectal tube. "See who get's s#@t on them now!!!"
  11. by   ERNURSE4MS
    I work in the ER so frequent gross things happen to me, but I must say the absolute worse(still keeps me up at night), Had a young woman come in by EMS. She was a drug addict, high on PCP, had jumped out of a car on the interstate at 80MPH, so naturally she was a trauma. The whole time we were working on her she was screaming "DON'T TOUCH MY MONEY" we had cut all of her clothes off so I thought she was nuts. There wer about ten people in the room working on her when the xray tech comes in with pelvic film and says"there is something weird here" strange mass in lower pelvis/vagina. I get elected to "explore" perineum for bleeding, etc and low and behold noticed a wad of money protruding from her vagina. This was about $1000 in $100 bills NOT COVERED IN ANYTHING. I have not been able to look at money the same way since. Also now compulsive hand washer!!
  12. by   Sue7573
    I had been working in a nursing home before I even started dating. I had been working there about three months when I started going out with friends. I had never drank before and had no idea what a hang over was. One friday night I went out with some friends and had my first drink ever. I had one two many and was carried in the house by 11pm. I remember my friends kept saying I hate to be you in the morning. I lived at home and I worked with my mom at the nursing home so there was no way I could weasel out of work. OMG the smells. I had never noticed before (this was also before the time of JACHO and all) Any way . I was assigned one of the smelliest residents ever she could get up and go to the bathroom and get around fairly well but she would get confused sometimes. I went to do my rounds I mean dragging to my first round when I got to her room and she was in the bathroom, I knocked on the door and peeked in at the same time. She had black tar poop all over her hands and under all her fingernails, she is sitting there on the comode licking her dentures clean. OH now I can handle most things but that combined with lingering hang over Let me tell you I never drank again on a night before I had to be at work the next morning.. Then that was the day the cooks decide to see how well pureed hotdogs. bun and relish would go over.. it looke like cat puke...

  13. by   lizscott nurse
    Quote from navynurse29
    :hatparty: :hatparty:

    I've got a gross one. I've worked in an ER and I can handle just about any body fluid (and have) except earwax. Earwax grosses me out. Was working in an ER in Puerto Rico while in the Navy and we had homeless dependent uncle or some relation come into ER c/o trouble hearing. On exam, doc found both ears severly packed with thick, green earwax. YUMMMMEY!

    Well, yours truly gets to irrigate his ears, not the thrill of my life. I irrigated so much earwax out of that man's ears, it was coming out in big, green nuggets. When I showed pt emesis basin of what I had cleaned out of his scuzzy ears, he proceeds to get a big smile on his face, picked up one of the greasy nuggets and eats it!!! YUCK! I just about pucked on myself with that one. To this day, can barely clean my own ears!
    I'll never be able to hold a Q-tip again! Like everyone else I'm green around the edges. This is definately the one that gets the gold star for major
    gross out. I just can't get over that the guy put it in his mouth. I just know
    I'm going to have nightmares about this.